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Present Your Mom, Dad Or Grad With The Gift Of Candy

The National Confectioners Association Candy Questionnaire makes choosing the perfect sweet a real treat

To help ensure that consumers purchase sweets that really are treats for moms, dads and grads, The National Confectioners Association (NCA) has released its Candy Questionnaire. Designed as a resource to help consumers choose from the thousands of delicious and creatively packaged confections available for gift giving, the Questionnaire is available online.

The Questionnaire is a tool that prompts consumers to reflect on the individual candy preferences of their family and friends – from sweet, sour or chocolate to sugar free and low-fat. Through this personalization process, the Questionnaire further establishes candy as a foolproof gift. Just imagine how pleased mom, dad and grad will be when they receive their favorite treats, hand selected by the ones they love.

“The gift of candy is a great way to express appreciation,” said Larry Graham, president of the NCA. “Because candy comes in an assortment of packages, colors and flavors, gift givers will want to make sure they've chosen confections that are well suited to the recipient's taste and lifestyle needs. The Candy Questionnaire will help them do just that,” Graham continued.

The Questionnaire is broken down into five categories - Flavor, Feel, Function, Fitness and Fun – and consists of the following practical and original questions:

1. Flavor

•  Does your mom, dad or grad prefer sweet, sour or chocolate treats?

•  Would they prefer fruit or non-fruit flavors? Mint?

•  Unsure? Consider this: Which type of candy was your mom, dad or grad most likely to “steal” out of a Halloween bag or bowl?

2. Feel

•  Do they prefer confections that are gooey and chewy, soft and creamy or hard?

•  Would they prefer nuts, raisins or caramel…or all three?

•  Unsure? Which type of candy do you associate most with your mom, dad or grad - Lollipop or hard tac candy? Chocolate? Piece of taffy? Stick of gum? Fruit bar?

3. Function

•  Will your mom, dad or grad use these treats for an energy boost? To pamper themselves? To make friends?

•  Would they prefer their treats to be packaged in a colorful box? Individually wrapped? Pocket-sized?

•  Unsure? Consider these scenarios: Is your mom more likely to keep the candy all to herself or to share it with members of her book club? Is your dad more likely to bring the candy with him on a fishing trip or to keep it in the glove compartment of his car for a quick pick-me-up on the ride home from work? Is the graduate more likely to stash the treats in their cap or gown or are they more likely to use it as an ice breaker to meet new people in their dorm?

4. Fitness

•  Does your mom, dad or grad have special dietary needs? Are they diabetic? Subscribe to a low-calorie, low-fat diet?

•  Would they prefer sweets that supply energy to increase their athletic performance?

•  Unsure? Consult the candy labels for guidance. Also, consider sugar-free treats for low-calorie, diabetic diets or sweets containing nuts and fruits that can give athletes a protein and energy boost.

5. Fun

•  Does your mom, dad or grad have a favorite childhood candy which could provide a welcome wave of nostalgia?

•  Would these treats be introduced for the first time to start a new tradition?

•  Unsure? Why not give your favorite candy as a gift and share the personal memories behind why you think it's the best?

“Candy is a fun food that has always been part of special celebrations,” added Graham. “This spring and summer moms, dads and grads will all agree that candy is a fun gift to give – and to receive.”

Spokespersons from NCA are available for comment regarding the gift of candy.