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Delivering Delight in Every Bite, ALL CANDY EXPO® 2006 Debuts the Latest and Greatest Confectionery Concoctions

June 10, 2006

The sweet, sour and most fabulous tastes of the confectionery industry landed in Chicago at the annual ALL CANDY EXPO®, June 6-8, 2006. More than 20,000 attendees at the three-day show witnessed the debut of hundreds of new candy products predicted to drive sales and stock shelves for the coming year.


From the power of sour to edible beauty strips, and dark, delightful chocolate to candy from the silver screen, candy makers delivered - bringing the most extensive and creative products to consumers and retailers. Here’s a taste of what attendees found at the ALL CANDY EXPO®.

Dark and Delightful

  • Botticelli® Belgian Chocolate and Omega-3s – Giving consumers a daily fix of chocolate and omega-3 fatty acids in one yummy product, Botticelli® launches its Choco-Omeg line, a combination of Belgian chocolate with omega-3s. Choco-Omeg debuts in three varieties – Memory Formula (chocolate with orange flavor), Calcium Formula (milk chocolate with cookie bites) and Cardio Formula (dark chocolate with raspberry pieces).
  • Ghirardelli Intense Dark Gourmet Chocolate Bars – Expanding the Ghirardelli world of dark chocolate, four new Intense Dark Chocolate Bars mark a new venture in the gourmet arena. Twilight Delight (72 percent cacao), is a pure, deep and luxuriously rich dark chocolate. Citrus Sunset (60 percent cacao), boasts a refreshing, aromatic and delightful dark chocolate fused with flavorful bits of orange and just the right amount of rich caramel crunch. Toffee Interlude (48 percent cacao), is a slightly sweeter dark chocolate blended with crunchy toffee and caramelized almonds. Espresso Escape (60 percent cacao), fuses dark chocolate with an exotic blend of finely ground, deep-roasted espresso beans. Also new from Ghirardelli, new 60 percent Cacao Dark Chocolate with Caramel Filling Squares™.
  • Madeline® Dark Chocolate – Satisfying the growing consumer demand for the health benefits of cocoa, Madeline® introduces the new line of all natural, premium dark chocolate. The tempting treats touts a high 72 percent cocoa content. In addition to solid dark chocolate bars and mini hearts foiled in deep brown and cooper, the line includes a mix of blueberries, cranberries, almonds and cashews drenched in the incredibly flavorful, surprisingly nutritious dark chocolate to create a variety of choices for the educated palate.
  • Chocolate Bowl® Dark Chocolate Almonds – A natural combination, Chocolate Bowl joins dark chocolate and almonds to create a delicious and nutritious treat.
  • Jim Beam Chocolate Bourbon – The authentic taste of Jim Beam Kentucky Bourbon is blended to enhance the dark rich taste of fine chocolate in this non-alcoholic premium fudge. The two-ounce pre-wrapped bars make for a truly sensational treat!
  • Cote D’or Chocolate – A special blend of high quality cocoa beans from around the world delivers an intense indulgent experience that pampers the senses.
  • Snickers ® – The great taste of Snickers® Original and Snickers® Almonds now comes in the rich taste of dark chocolate for a limited time only.
  • Bubble Wrap™ Chocolate – Take a bite into this chocolate bar and get a second special sensation as it melts on your tongue. This new chocolate creation is available in three great flavors – Bubbly™ 60 percent Dark Chocolate, Bubbly™ Milk Chocolate, and Bubbly™ Coffee Milk Chocolate bars.

Gum-n-Mints of Flavorful Fun

  • Super Bubble® Super Bubble® Sugar-free has the texture and great taste of the original Super Bubble, but with the sugar-free alternative. Apple & Cherry Flavored Super Bubble® XL –XL is an extra long treat in apple and cherry flavors. Also, try Super Bubble Blast – chewy on the outside with a liquid center for a chomping good time!
  • ICE BREAKERS® LIQUID ICE® – The newest form of ICE BREAKERS® mints, these intense liquid mints dissolve instantly to leave your mouth feeling clean and refreshed. ICE BREAKERS® Fruit Sours and ICE BREAKERS® Ice Cubes are two new additions designed to ensure continued fresh breath.
  • Pomegranate Power - Pomegranate Power gum combines natural pomegranate extracts and wild blueberries. You'll really love the unique tangy and refreshing taste.
  • Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co. – Hitting store shelves July 2006, Wrigley introduces, Eclipse® Big-E-Pak containing 60 pellets of gum in a new durable portable package that sits perfectly at your desk or in your car when you are on the go. The two latest flavors of Orbit®, lemon-lime and crystal mint bring unique and mint flavors to the only gum that offers that “just brushed clean feeling”. Hubba Bubba® Max now lets consumers enjoy the favorite fun new flavor of Hubba Bubba Max Outrageous Original. Altoids® now comes in two new curiously strong flavors – spearmint and wintergreen; and introducing Altoids Smalls in wintergreen. Winterfresh® Winterbursts™ are new liquid filled mints with a crunchy mint shell offering two waves of cool breath freshening with a mint outer shell and second liquid center. Crème Savers® Deserts – New Crème Savers in cinnamon bun, apple pie á la mode and strawberry cheesecake bring baked goodness to the Crème Savers line.
  • O2® – A sugar-free stick gum offering a wide range of rich, exciting flavors for the maximum taste experience. Flavors include frosty berries, frosty punch, berry cocktail and ice frappucino to give mouths a crisp, pleasant, clean and fresh feeling.
  • Cadbury Adams – Stride™ –Ridiculously Long Lasting Gum™, this new innovated gum comes in re-closeable packs with the refreshing flavors of winterblue and spearmint. Trident® – The newest creation from Trident gum allows chewers to customize their chew with six sweet and six sour pieces in every pack. Trident® Green Apple Fusion is bursting with two delicious green apple flavors. Bubblicious Bursts® – Combining the bubble blowing power of original Bubblicious gum with a surprising blast of flavored liquid in the center, Bubblicious Bursts is available in two shockingly delicious flavors, Sour Cherry Storm® and Thunderin’ Bubble Gum™, offering fans an adventure in bubble blowing. HALLS Bursts™ – The portable, poppable, great tasting way to soothe your throat anytime. A sugar-free version of Cool Berry HALLS Breezers™ also debuts at the show.
  • TOPPS Bazooka – A new look, new formulation and new commitment, Bazooka gum gives kids what they want in bubble gum fun. Bazooka Bubble Gum Twist Wrap Pieces are individually twist-wrapped in a new softer chew, longer-lasting flavor. New Bazooka Bubble Gum Gumballs feature original, strawberry, blue raspberry, watermelon and grape flavors.
  • tic tac® Bold! Mint - tic tac® launches an intensely, enjoyable experience with a super cool taste. From the minute a mint hits your tongue, your mouth will be overrun with flavor as tic tac Bold! Mint chills you out.

The Power of Sour

  • Toxic Waste® Nuclear Sludge Sour Chew Bar – Hazardously sour candy that gives everyone something to pucker about. Take the toxic challenge and try a sour apple chew bar.
  • Florida’s Natural Au’some Fruit Juice Sour String – 100 percent Vitamin C, eight vitamins and minerals and all natural flavors pack a sour punch into stringy fun! Flavors include strawberry, blueberry, orange and cranberry apple.
  • SOUR JACKS® Sour Apples – A wincing sensation packed into bite-sized, apple-shaped sour candies, SOUR JACKS introduces the latest chewy, fruity, sour and sweet green apple flavor that sour lovers will pucker for!
  • Warheads – New two super sour flavors in one cool bottle. Squeeze and try each flavor separately, or squeeze them together for a puckering two-taste sensation with Warheads Double Drops . Also, check out Warheads Junior Extreme Sours , these miniature versions of the original extreme sour candypack quite a sensation! Assorted flavors in every container lets you create your favorite combinations. (Impact Confections, Inc, Booth 825)

Beauty Blend

  • Pure Beauty Strips – N.I. Corporation introduces Pure Beauty Strips, edible beauty strips with skin-nutritive ingredients. The three strips, Pure Beauty Collagen, Pure Beauty Ceramide and Pure Beauty Hyaluronic Acid, moisturize, firm, and refine. Simply place a flavorful strip on your tongue and wait as it plumps up your skin, keeping it soft and smooth.

Kid Creations

  • TUNG TOOS™ – TUNG TOOS let kids make a statement without saying a word! Candy innovation combines flavor and fun on the tongues of young consumers. Kids can simply lick on a new tattoo with a whole range of images in sweet and sour flavors. Toos come in ten tasty opportunities.
  • Monster Memos – Now you can literally eat your own words. Monster Memos come complete with 10 pieces of edible sweetened wafer paper candy and a pen with food coloring ink. Kids can write, read and eat messages and even send greeting cards.
  • Candy Logs™ – An exciting invention that combines the fun of building and candy. Candy Logs come in a re-useable container filled with 14 log-shaped candies. Made from a blend of fruity flavors that include banana, strawberry, orange and blue raspberry the candy container top also doubles as a roof.
  • TOPPS Baby Bottle Pop2D Max – The all-new bottle pop gives kids six super savory ways to enjoy the fun treat. The three-in-one candy combo of Baby Bottle Pop 2D Max brings great tasting pop with powder and candy crunch in one sweet offering. Interlocking and interchangeable components allow kids to build their own candy creation so they can lick, sprinkle and dunk to get the taste sensation of their dreams. Also new, TOPPS Juicy Drop Pop Sweet! and Sour! is an intense flavor formulation ready to juice up kids’ taste buds. The dispenser allows kids to control flavor intensity so they can savor sweetness or sour slowly, or experience in full force with great-tasting flavor combinations.

Simply Sugarfree

  • Simply Lite Foods Sunkist – The first ever low sugar, portion-controlled candy is made with natural fruit juices that provide 100 percent of the recommended daily values of Vitamin C. The Sunkist confection line includes fruit gummies, sour fruit gummies, fruit chews and hard candy.


  • Chick-O-Stick, Peanut Butter Bars and Mint Twist – Atkinson Candy Co. launches great-tasting sugarfree varieties that consumers wishing to avoid sugar can truly enjoy. Made with Splenda brand sweetener, new Chick-O-Stick, Peanut Butter Bars and Mint Twist hard candies are perfect sugar-free candies.
  • Fruity Fuwaty – Enjoy sugar-free, fluffy, fruity cotton candy. Made with active healthy ingredients like Vitamin C, Fruity Fuwaty comes in lemon and orange flavors and is not sticky when touched. Fuwaty keeps fluffy without shrinking for a full year.
  • Dove Dark – In three sugar-free flavors – Double Chocolate Cream, Chocolate Raspberry and Chocolate Mint.

Gummie Love

  • Life Savers Gummies Fruit Splosions – These liquid-filled gummies combine a burst of real fruit juice in the center with delicious fruit flavored gummies on the outside. Fruit Splosions come in three different varieties: traditional five flavors, sour cherry and variety pack (strawberry, blackberry, orange and watermelon).
  • RealFruit Gummies – Made with a blend of 20 different real fruit purees and juices, RealFruit Gummies come in three unique varieties: fruit medley, orchard fruit and tropical fruit. All varieties have no artificial flavors or colors and are fat and peanut free.
  • Albanese Confectionery Gourmet Gummies feature Wild Cherry Fish, Assorted Fruity Bears, Fruity Worms, Passionate Peach Rings and Sour Mini Neon Worms. Crunchy Gummies introduce a tangy taste explosion covered in crunchy candy pellets. Availablein six flavors: lemon-lime, watermelon, orange, wild cherry, tart apple and blue raspberry.
  • Swedish Forest Berries – The newest variety to join the Nordic Sweets’ line of Scandinavian candy favorites, Swedish Forest Berries are bursting with fruity flavors of raspberry and black currant. These are a must try for jellied and gummie candy lovers alike.

Jolly for Jelly Beans

  • Sports Beans™ Jelly Beans – Portable power before, during or after exercise, the energizing Sports Beans from Jelly Belly provide carbohydrates for energy, electrolytes to maintain hydration and vitamins to replenish nutrients lost through sweat. Fruit punch and berry blue flavors are the latest to join the sports bean family. Jelly Belly: Smoothie Blend – Super smooth and luscious, the creative juices of the popular smoothie drink revolution are now the newest flavors of Jelly Beans, no blender needed! The Smoothie Blend debuts with five flavors that have been crafted for a distinctive, fruity taste - strawberry/banana, pineapple/pear, cherry/passion fruit, mandarin orange/mango and mixed berry.
  • Gimbal’s Gourmet Jelly Beans – Now available in 41 flavors, Gimbal’s Gourmet Jelly Beans boast a host of new flavors including cinnamon lavaballs, raspberries, blackberries, licorice Scottie dogs and sugar-free licorice Scottie dogs.

Lovable Lollipops

  • Flower Pops – Dip-n-lick your way to flavored flower pop fun! Flower Pop is the flower-shaped lollipop with tangy candy powder (strawberry, green, apple and blue raspberry). Every pop has a protective dome so the candy does not have to be eaten all at once.
  • Disney Light-Up Lollipop – The hottest new light-up candy item, Disney Light-Up Lollipops come with a secret light source in the lollipop stick. The light pops come in a variety of Disney characters – each with its own flavor.
  • SUITED SUCKERS™ – Up your ante at the poker table with Sin City Suckers. Dealt in a flavorful gift box, of Cherry of Hearts™, Grape of Spades™, Cherry of Diamonds™, and Grape of Clubs™ are ideal for those who are a sucker for cards.
  • Bazooka Bubble Gum Filled Pops – Four fruit-flavored lollipops in orange, cherry, grape or green apple filled with Bazooka Bubble Gum center.
  • Rolly Pops – A lollipop kids can roll onto their tongue! Each Rolly Pop has a roller top that dispenses liquid candy on your tongue as you roll it across. The interactive fun comes in blue raspberry, strawberry, watermelon and grape flavors.

On the Silver Screen & Tempting Taste Buds

  • NASCAR Speed Strips – With 75 million loyal fans strong, USA’s fastest growing sport is now edible! A mix of sour cherry, sour strawberry, sour watermelon and sour blue raspberry, these soft and chewy strips deliver a tremendous explosion in your mouth.
  • PEZ® – Straight from the silver screen, PEZ® introduces eight new exciting assortments featuring classic characters from animated films. Ice Age dispensers include favorite characters Manny the mastodon, Scrat, Diego and Sid; CARS ’ dispensers include Doc Hundson, Speedy, Lightning McQueen and Mater; Over the Hedge characters include RJ, Verne, Hammy and Stella; and Open Season dispensers feature Elliot, Boog, McSquzzy and Mr. Weenie. Other new PEZ® dispensers represent NCAA Football all-time great teams, Hello Kitty Gift Tin , Orange County Chopper Gift Tin and Pez Petz: Artic Babies.
  • Perfetti Van Melle AirHeads & Mentos – Celebrating its 20 th birthday, AirHeads launches several new products. Designed after Nickelodeon’s hugely popular TV cartoon show AirHeads “Avatar” Bars, the pack includes specially-flavored “Avatar” bar and a limited-edition prize. AirHeads CARS Bars are sure to get kids’ motors running with two new high-speed flavors, Burnt Rubber and Mater Punch. The candy comes with a collectible pocket movie that features a scene from the movie. AirHeads Xtremes Rainbow Belts `offer kids endless possibilities for fun in a brilliant five-color candy. The extreme taste of Mentos Sour Rolls holds a mouthwatering assortment of watermelon, green apple and lemon flavors.

Candy Coated

  • CHOCO ROCKS GOLD NUGGETS®™ – New from Kimmie® Candy Company, these candy-coated chocolate chunks call to chocolate lovers near and far. Also new are CUBBIES® , candy coated covered gummie bears – a twist to a classic favorite.
  • HERSHEY’®S KISSABLES® – Mini KISSES® brand chocolates wrapped in colorful candy shells, these delicious snacks extend the delightful tastes of original KISSES®. Expanding the cookie category, Hershey’s introduces the innovative Kisses Mini Cookies. Also brand new, Hershey's Sweet and Salty Granola Bars made with pretzels, peanuts, oats and crisp rice and dipped them in Hershey's milk chocolate.
  • Necco Wafers® Smoothies – Combining the classic Necco Waffers® formula with the taste of a Smoothie drink, Necco will have candy lovers everywhere falling for the five tempting fruit flavors – blueberry, banana, caramel, tropical peach and strawberry crème.
  • Friesinger’s Chocolate Almonds and Chocolate Raisins – Two new chocolate items from Friesinger’s own candy kitchen – introducing Chocolate Almonds and Chocolate Raisins.
  • Sweet Candy Company – Made with only the finest ingredients, Sweet Candy Company introduces gourmet Taffy Twist box product line. The ingenious gift boxes wrap Sweet’s classic gourmet taffy in a new creative fashion.
  • Cam Chew – N.I. Corporation introduces Cam Chew, a new type of sweet candy! Leaving no sticky stuff on your teeth, this treats makes for a good chew when you are at the office, on a long drive or just hanging around.
  • Theatre Box – Summit Foods introduces the latest in growing trends toward Theatre packs! Box candies are a hit at the movies and on store shelves. Packaged candy now comes in Cow Tales, Bulls-Eyes, Gummi Bears and other classic favorites.
  • Brazilian Coffee Candy - Made with real coffee, the hard candy tastes just like the liquid drink! Florestal Brazilian Coffee Candy is a great gift idea.

Oh, Nuts!

  • Honey Roasted Peanut Roca® – Fulfilling Americans’ love for peanuts, Honey Roasted Peanut Roca combines the indulgent tastes of peanuts and buttercrunch toffee. Marrying the highest quality dry and honey roasted peanuts with legendary buttercrunch toffee, delivers a sweet and salty sensation.
  • Snickers® Xtreme Bars – Coming this Fall to store shelves, limited edition without nougat Snickers Xtreme Bars. Packed with more caramel, more peanuts and chocolate delivering an intensely satisfying snack.
  • BEER NUTS Brand SnacksSpicy & Hot Peanuts & Bar Mix – A peanut with an attitude, BEER NUTS introduces Spicy & Hot Peanuts and Bar Mix varieties. Both products are available in a BEER NUTS beer can providing the on-the-go consumer with portability and pourability.
  • Hawaiian Host – Hawaii’s original chocolate covered macadamia nut candy debuts in a new packaging perfect for the chocolate lover. Hawaiian Host selects only the highest quality of chocolate and premium dry-roasted macadamia nuts from 600 growers in Hawaii.

Holiday Cheer

  • Sunrise Christmas: Holiday Beans and Holiday Sours – Spreading the holiday cheer, Sunrise Confections introduces Holiday Beans, red green and snow white jelly beans that are perfect for candy dishes and gingerbread houses. For those who prefer something a little different, Sunrise introduces Holiday Sours, sour cherry and green apple flavored sours.
  • Scripture Candy™ – Scripture Candy introduces Christmas Promise Seeds – tri-colored candies in red, green and white that are individually wrapped featuring a promise Scripture. Stocking Set – Each set includes a stocking, candy cane and a laminated bookmark featuring The Candy Cane Story. And for Valentine’s Day, Love Seeds – Tri-colored candies in white, pink and red individually wrapped featuring a love Scripture.
  • Galerie® Gourmet Candy Corn™ – A flavorful twist on America’s Fall favorite, candy corn; new flavors include green apple, tangerine and cherry.

Timeless Tastes

  • Spitz Sunflower Seeds – The sunflower seeds with a difference, Spitz releases new and exciting flavors, chili-lime, smoky, pickle and salted.
  • Loacker Wafers - Take a bite and savor the taste. You can chew it or nibble at the top layer of wafer and lick off the next layer of cream filling, you’ll love the classic lemon wafer taste. Also try Quadratini’s…chocolate wafers in a bag. This extra rich and creamy cube-shaped Italian specialty will win your heart! Bite through the crispy wafer squares into the rich, smooth filling and enjoy. (Tradeco Marketing, Inc., Booth 2419)
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