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NCA Responds to Commerce Study Showing Job Loss Due to Sugar Program

Trade Group Will Continue to Work Hard for Reform

Washington, DC – A study released today by the U.S. Department of Commerce documented Employment Changes in U.S. Food Manufacturing: The Impact of Sugar Prices. In the study, the DOC reports that high sugar prices have resulted in more domestic jobs being directed to areas outside of the United States.

High sugar prices in the U.S. are the result of a sugar price support program in place in this country. The Commerce Department analysis indicates that for every sugar job preserved in the United States due to the sugar program three manufacturing jobs are lost.

"The confectionery industry has seen these job losses firsthand over the years," said NCA President Larry Graham. "It's becoming increasingly hard for manufacturers to compete with product made overseas where world market priced sugar is available. As a result, many manufacturers have made the tough decision to move production outside of the United States - not by choice, but out of necessity."

The National Confectioners Association supports reforming the sugar program to ensure that the needs of growers, manufacturers and consumers are met through a more balanced and market-responsive policy. When the U.S. Congress begins to draft the new Farm Bill later this year, NCA will take an active role in working with all players to encourage reform.

"We want to see U.S. sugar growers continue to thrive," explained Graham. "But not at the expense of confectionery manufacturers who currently employ more than 60,000 American citizens. It's critical that growers and manufacturers work together toward a consensus sugar policy."

For more information, contact NCA's Melane Rose at (703) 790-5750.