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NCA's USA Confectionery Pavilion at ISM is a Must-See Attraction

The World Loves American Confectionery

(Vienna, VA) - For anyone planning a trip to the International Sweets and Biscuits Fair (ISM) in Cologne, Germany February 1 - 4, 2004, a visit to the USA Confectionery Pavilion is a must. Celebrating its tenth year, the USA Pavilion helps introduce ISM's 28,000 attendees and the world to delicious American confectionery.

ISM is the largest candy show in the world. With attendees from more than 120 countries and exhibitors from around the globe, ISM is truly an international marketplace.

Candy from the United States is a hit around the world. The United States is the third largest exporter of confectionery; $665 million worth of candy was exported from the U.S. last year.

Confectionery retailers flock to the USA Pavilion each year to experience the fun, excitement and big business the U.S. confectionery industry represents. The following companies have booths in the USA Confectionery Pavilion at ISM:

Acorn International Group

MC/Manufacturing Confectioner

Adams & Brooks, Inc.


Adams & Brooks, Inc.


Brown & Haley

Palatinit of America

Candy Alliance, LLC

Pennsylvania Dept. of Agriculture

Cap Candy

Pepperidge Farm, Inc.

Confectioner/Candy Industry

Promotion in Motion Companies

Ferrara Pan Candy Company

R. M. Palmer Company

Goetze's Candy Company

SB Global Foods, Inc.

Hershey International

Simply Lite

Hillside Candy

Spangler Candy Company

Hollywood Manufacturing Corp.

Suity Confections Company

Jelly Belly Candy Company

Sunrise Confections

Just Born, Inc.

The Dealers Food Products Co.

Kenny's Candy Company

Tootsie Roll Worldwide Ltd.

Lee Pharmaceuticals

VinCenzo International

Madelaine Chocolate Novelties