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Decrease Operating Expenses in These Hard Times

NCA re-introduces member benefit with a proven track record for double digit cost savings

Contact: Jenn Ellek
(202) 534-1440

After moving NCA’s property and casualty insurance and risk management coverage into a program offered by Telcom Insurance Services Corporation (TISC), the association saved 38%

The problem with traditional insurance models for groups like NCA’s members is that agents often lack knowledge of the needs of its members.

This NCA-sponsored insurance and risk management program addresses the needs that confectioners have with respect to analysis and coverage for the unique business income needs they face that replace revenue which cannot be earned after a loss. It also takes into consideration valuation problems of products in stage production, the risk of creditor default, and the liability of edible products.

TISC’s agents currently have involvement with more than 15 confectionery manufacturers and understand their unique insurance needs. This personal knowledge blended with a purchasing group approach, is what drives the coverage and cost savings that NCA has experienced first hand.

“It was hard to leave the insurance broker we had had for many years,” stated NCA representative and vice president of finance and administration, Linda Jamie. “But through our association with TISC, we came to know that we would be able to trust them with our insurance needs. Trust is often more important than the cost savings a purchasing group provides.”

TISC is a nationally licensed specialist in developing unique insurance programs for association groups. The program uses a purchasing group approach that generates and leverages the economic power of members.

At this time, there are no large insurance brokerage firms whose agents can state that they handle the insurance and risk management for more than 15 confectioners.

The NCA Insurance Program is available to all members of NCA. It is the first purchasing group of its kind and the only one that is co-owned by the association.

For more information on the NCA’s member programs or on becoming an NCA member, you can visit us online, call (202) 534-1440.

About NCA

Founded in 1884 in Chicago by representatives of 69 confectionery manufacturing firms, the National Confectioners Association (NCA) is one of the oldest, most respected trade associations in the world. Over the years, the association has endeavored to provide the kind of vigorous leadership necessary for its members, which include domestic and international confectionery manufacturers and suppliers to the industry to meet the increasingly complex challenges and problems that have confronted the industry. Today, NCA is the major association representing the entire confection industry, offering education and leadership in manufacturing, technical research, public relations, retailing practices, government relations, and statistical analysis.