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Contact: Susan Whiteside
(202) 534-1440

More than 2,000 new sweet treats and savory snacks will make their debut at the National Confectioners Association's (NCA) 13th annual ALL CANDY EXPO® May 19-21 in McCormick Place, Chicago, Ill. As the largest confectionery and snack trade show in the Americas, the EXPO® encompasses nearly 10 football fields.

Bringing together hundreds of manufacturers, buyers and industry leaders from more than 69 countries, the EXPO® drives domestic and global industry sales and is a one-stop shop for emerging trends and new product exploration. From gourmet chocolate creations, to internationally inspired flavors and new taste bud-twisting, super-sour and fruit-filled sensations, the EXPO® is the place to find the latest and greatest new products along with traditional favorites. Here's a taste preview of what to expect from the EXPO®

New Flavors, Familiar Faces 

  • MARS Snackfood US - Melts in your mouth and not in your hand, M&M's® takes you tropical! New Coconut M&M's® Chocolate Candy channels the feel of the islands with this limited edition spin on the popular chocolate candy treat. And while supplies last, SNICKERS® Limited Edition Fudge Bar boasts a peanut-packed chocolate fudge layer atop chewy peanut butter nougat wrapped in delicious milk chocolate. The result is a nostalgic and irresistible taste of rich fudge that will have you going back for more. (MARS Snackfood US, Booth 1745)
  • Nestlé® - A new twist on a timeless treat, Cranberry RaisinetsTM combines all natural dried cranberries with a smooth milk chocolate coating. A natural source of fruit and antioxidants and only 100 calories per pack, Cranberry RaisinetsTM are ideal for nutrient-packed, sweet snacking. And for fans of the classic Nestlé® CRUNCH® combination of crisped rice and sweet milk chocolate, try Nestlé® CRUNCH® Crisp, a delicious combination of baked wafers layered with smooth chocolate crème, topped with crisped rice and wrapped in a chocolate candy coating. The Nestlé® Crisp collection extends beyond the classic Nestlé® CRUNCH® bar. Explore the new combination of baked wafers, Butterfinger® Crème and triple chocolate delight in the Butterfinger® Crisp. Loyal to the original, Baby Ruth® Crisp knocks it out of the park with a new winning combination of baked wafers layered with caramel, peanuts and sweet crème, cloaked in a rich chocolate candy coating. The full line of Nestlé® Crisps is available in individually wrapped bite-size treats or full size bars. (Nestlé Confections and Snacks Division, Division Of Nestlé USA, Booth 1231)
  • The Hershey® Company - Indulgent and decadent, Reese's® has gone gourmet with luxurious Reese's® Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups®. Made with the rich Reese's® peanut butter goodness you've always loved, these peanut butter cups are now coupled with dark chocolate. Or, if you prefer milk chocolate, try Reese's® Select Crèmes. With a light, whipped, smooth center of peanut butter, Reese's® Select Crèmes will tempt your taste buds with a surprising creamy center filling and familiar Reese's® peanut butter flavor. Hershey®'s KISSES® foil-wrapped chocolate drops now come with a velvety smooth, chocolate meltaway center. Hershey®'s KISSES® Brand Chocolate MELTAWAY is the latest decadent offering boasting melt-in-your-mouth satisfaction in classic KISSES® style. Hershey® also introduces a hot twist on an old favorite. The Good ‘N Plenty® and Good ‘N Fruity® chewy candy family welcome a new tasty member with a bold cinnamon flavor - Good ‘N FieryTM. (The Hershey Company, Booth 845)
  • Just Born, Inc. - Candy company Just Born, Inc. introduces classic favorites, Goldenberg's® Original PEANUT CHEWS®, Mike And Ike® and Hot Tamales® in vintage package designs. Capturing the spirit and personality of the familiar brands, the packaging elements tap into each brand's history. Originally served as a WWI ration bar, Goldenberg's® Original PEANUT CHEWS® have delivered delight in every bite since 1917. These chewy, dark chocolaty bites loaded with crunchy peanuts have been a candy tradition for more than 90 years. With as many as 44 tons of Mike and Ike® candies made every day, the chewy fruit flavored candy is available in original fruit flavors of cherry, lime, lemon, orange and strawberry. America's favorite cinnamon candy, Hot Tamales® have fired-up taste buds since 1950. (Just Born, Inc., Booth 2001)
  • Trident® - A classic is back! Trident® Cinnamon gum is back in the candy aisle and better than ever. Made with Xylitol, the gum helps fight cavities while you chew and cleans and protects teeth after eating. Also new, Trident® Wintergreen.(Cadbury North America, Booth 1031)

Chocolate Connoisseur  

  • LUXE MILKTM - Ghirardelli® introduces the LUXE MILKTM collection of premium chocolates for the ultimate milk chocolate experience. Melt away with LUXE MILKTM Milk premium milk chocolate, or try LUXE MILKTM Hazelnut, which is lavished with all-natural deep-roasted hazelnuts that add crunch and a distinctive, sophisticated flavor. Toasted almonds contribute a clean, crisp taste to complement and enhance the flavors of LUXE MILKTM Almond. Or indulge in LUXE MILKTM Crisp; this bar features lightly toasted crisped rice for a grown-up, sophisticated version of one of everyone's favorite childhood flavors. And for those who can't decide between dark and milk chocolate, LUXE MILKTM Duet melds a layer of the lighter, sweeter flavor of milk chocolate with a layer of bittersweet dark chocolate. The full LUXE MILKTM line is offered as elegantly wrapped singles in a gift-size bag, perfect for sharing or enjoying on your own. (Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, Booth 706)
  • The Hershey® Company - Everything you love about Hershey®'s Bliss® chocolate now comes in a full-size, five-piece bar. The blissful chocolate bar features a smooth, creamy texture for an indulgent personal chocolate experience in Rich & Creamy Dark Chocolate, and Milk Chocolate with a Meltaway Center. For an exotic dark chocolate blend, try Hershey®'s All Natural Extra Dark Chocolate with Pomegranate Bars and Hershey®'s All Natural Extra Dark Chocolate Infused with Raspberry Flavor Assortment Tasting Squares. Both deliver velvety smooth, rich dark chocolate from a select blend of cacao beans for just the right balance of taste, aroma and sweetness. Or double your chocolate pleasure with Hershey®'s Nuggets® Double Chocolate, a harmonious pairing of extra creamy Hershey®'s Milk Chocolate and rich Hershey®'s Special Dark® wrapped into one. (The Hershey Company, Booth 845)
  • ChocoPods by Chuao Chocolatier - Bite into the decadent, dark chocolate shell of a Chinita Nibs ChocoPod and experience the unusual, unexpected and delicious flavor filling of caramelized cocoa nibs and nutmeg. Modeled after a natural cacao pod, these gourmet filled chocolates are a decadent delight and only 60 calories a piece. (Chuao Chocolatier, Booth 1186)
  • MARS Snackfood US - DOVE® Silky Smooth Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter is the combination we've all been waiting for - soft and creamy peanut butter surrounded by silky smooth DOVE® Chocolate. DOVE® Silky Smooth Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter is the most indulgent way to experience the premium taste of 100 percent real, authentic milk chocolate and creamy peanut butter. Choose from DOVE® Silky Smooth Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter PROMISES®, individually wrapped with eloquent captions inside the wrapper, and DOVE® Silky Smooth Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter Singles individually wrapped chocolates. And for gourmet on the go, carry an individually portioned flip-top box of M&M's® Premiums Triple Chocolate Candies and share a premium chocolate experience with friends, while showing off your sense of style and fun. M&M's® Premiums Triple Chocolate Candies promises to satisfy your desire for chocolate with its tempting layers of milk, white and dark chocolate folded together for a sophisticated triple chocolate M&M's® experience. (MARS Snackfood US, Booth 1745)
  • Landrin - Experience the delicate taste of Landrin Classic Waferatto, a combination of white chocolate and shredded coconut with a whole California almond and silky cream center surrounded by a crisp wafer. Or discover Landrin Waferatto Gold with its exquisite chocolaty hazelnut filling, embraced in delicate cream, wafer and the finest crushed hazelnuts. (Landrin USA, Inc., Booth 237)

Gourmet and Grownup  

  • Jelly Belly® - Adding to the mix, Jelly Belly® introduces two new super fruit flavors plucked from international influences: Barbados Cherry, an emerging super fruit high in Vitamin C, and Acai (ah-sigh-ee) Berry, an exotic Amazon rainforest fruit.  Inspired by the internationally renowned, nutrient-rich and flavorful super fruits, Jelly Belly® introduces Jelly Belly® Super Fruit Mix. Packaged in an elegant tin perfect for gift giving, Jelly Belly® Super Fruit Mix brings together the Jelly Belly® flavor favorites: cranberry, blueberry and pomegranate, along with new Barbados cherry and acai berry. (Jelly Belly Candy Co., Booth 831)
  • Sahale Snacks Glazed Nuts - Snack Better® with Sahale Snack Glazed Nuts available in Almond PB&J with Peanuts + Berries, which is reminiscent of the beloved peanut butter and jelly sandwich and offers whole almonds paired with peanuts complemented with the summertime taste of raspberries and strawberries. Or try Cashews with Pomegranate + Vanilla. It's the perfect combination of sublime flavors: whole roasted cashews are teamed with pomegranate and apple, and balanced with pure vanilla bean. And for salty-sweet symmetry, there's Almonds with Cranberries, Honey + Sea Salt. These almonds are lightly glazed with the finest orange blossom honey, enhanced with naturally dried cranberries and topped with toasted sesame seeds and sea salt for an exquisite salty-sweet balance. (Sahale Snacks, Booth 1782)
  • DAS® Lolli - Shamelessly delicious, DAS® Lolli lollipops tease taste buds in a collection of all natural flavors: Naughty Ginger is a unique ginger and lemon flavored pop, Caramelini Me Happy is a salty caramel lollipop and Fab-O-Pom blends orange and pomegranate. And reel in any man with DAS Lolli's® Man Bait lollipop, a unique maple bacon flavored lollipop that's sure to appeal to his taste buds. (DAS Foods LLC, Booth 766)
  • YummyEarth® Organic Candy DropsTM Anti-OxiFruitsTM - Delicious and planet friendlyTM, YummyEarth® Organic Candy DropsTM Anti-OxiFruitsTM are perfect for those looking for an organic treat. With real fruit extracts and no artificial dyes or flavors, YummyEarth® Organic Candy DropsTM Anti-OxiFruitsTM come in four organically delicious, super fruit flavors: Pomegranate PuckerTM, Very Very CherryTM, TooBerry BlueberryTM and Strawberry SmashTM. (YummyEarth, Booth 221)
  • Ginger Spice Jaw Boulders - Organic and only 30 calories a piece, Ginger Spice Jaw Boulders is a sweet and spicy Better For YouTM treat. Ginger Spice Jaw Boulders is a traditional hard candy with a surprising ginger twist. (PURE FUN CONFECTIONS INC., Booth 1322)
  • Crackheads Gourmet Chocolate Coffee Caffeine - Take a coffee break and crack open a box of new Crackheads Gourmet Chocolate Coffee Caffeine dark chocolate coated coffee beans. The unique and delicious blend of dark chocolate paired with a dark roast, crunchy coffee bean center is sure to wake-up your senses! (Osmanium Candy Company, Booth, 250)

 Flavor Filled 

  • SKITTLES® CRAZY CORESTM - Each bite-size SKITTLES® CRAZY CORESTM delivers a punch with two mouth-watering SKITTLES® flavors wrapped into one! For an even tastier chewing experience, each pack of SKITTLES® CRAZY CORESTM contains an assortment of five amazing flavor combined candies: Strawberry-Watermelon, Cherry-Lemonade, Mango-Peach, Blue Raspberry-Lemon and Berry-Melon. (MARS Snackfood US, Booth 1745)
  • Twizzlers® Sweet & Sour Filled Twists - A sweet and sour twist on the tasty Twizzlers® treat, Twizzlers® Sweet & Sour Filled Twists features new and exciting sweet licorice flavors with tangy center fillings. Twizzlers® Sweet & Sours Filled Twists make mouths happy with a duet of Sunshine PunchTM and Cherry KickTM flavors in a four piece, licorice rope multi-pack. (The Hershey Company, Booth 845)
  • Chewy Extinguisher® - Can you last through all three sour levels of Chewy Extinguisher® Sour Citrus Candy before reaching the Sweet Mixed Berry Extinguisher center? 1. Start at Tangy Tangerine. 2. Pucker up for Sour Lemon. 3. Survive Super Sour Lime. 4. Reach the berry sweet relief of the Sweet Mixed Berry Extinguisher center! And also begging the question "how SOUR can you take it? TM," try Chewy Extinguisher® Sour Fruit Candy. Get the sour tickle with Chewy Extinguisher® Sour Fruit Candy and tackle a layer of Tangy Watermelon, a layer of Sour Strawberry and a layer of Super Sour Green Apple before your reach the Sweet Mixed Berry Extinguisher inside. (American Licorice Company, Booth 1715)
  • KazoozlesTM - From the imagination of Wonka® comes colorful KazoozlesTM, two long ropes of chewy, fruity soft licorice filled with a tangy candy center. Try both varieties: Pink Lemonade (lemon ropes with cherry flavored candy filling and a dusting of sugar crystals) and Cherry Punch (smooth and tangy cherry ropes with punch candy filling). (Nestlé Confections and Snacks Division, Division Of Nestlé USA, Booth 1231)
  • TOXIC WASTE® Hi-VoltageTM Bubble Gum - Crank up the volume and awaken your taste buds with Hi-VoltageTM Bubble Gum, three extra long cables of gum, each with a shockingly sour core and in hazardously sour flavors including Amp'd Apple, Surgin' Strawberry and Blackout Blue Razz. It's over two feet of high voltage, gum chewing fun. (Candy Dynamics, Booth 2309)
  • Black Forrest® Juicy OozersTM - Get chomping on Juicy OozersTM Cherry Gummy Sharks, the shark-a-licious wild cherry chews burst in your mouth with juicy centers and 10 percent DV Vitamin C. Or pucker up and try Juicy OozersTM Sour Gummy Fun Fish, a pack of squishy, gushy sour flavored gummies that come in a variety of four different sea creature shapes and four fantastic juicy center flavors: Twisted Triple Berry, Screamin' Strawberry Kiwi, Tangy Tangerine and Wacky Watermelon. (Ferrara Pan Candy Co., Booth 1631)
  • Zum® - Yum, yum, yum, give me some Zum®! New liquid center Zum® chewing gum keeps your taste buds guessing all the way to the wacky sour apple-cherry core. Chomp into some Zum® for a flavorful, sweet-sour blast! (Canel's S.A. De C.V., Booth 1221)

 Super Sour Power 

  • Sour Patch ChillerzTM - Leaving you with a long-lasting shock that's Sour then Sweet ®, Sour Patch ChillerzTM is a soft and chewy Sour Patch candy creation that leaves a surge of cool at the end! Sour Patch ChillerzTM come in a movie-theater size bag with an assortment of delicious flavors including Berry Punch ChillerTM, Frozen LemonadeTM, Strawberry ShiverTM and Frosty GrapeTM. Each bite-size candy screams with out-of-this-world tartness. (Cadbury North America, Booth 1031)
  • Toxic Waste® Hazardously Sour Candy® Penny-Bank - This Hazardously Sour Candy ® isn't for cry babies! If you dare, take a withdrawal from the Toxic Waste® Hazardously Sour Candy® Penny-Bank, a fun collectible can for kids and adults alike that's filled with Toxic Waste® Hazardously Sour Hard Candies in a variety of super sour flavors: blue raspberry, black cherry, green apple, lemon and watermelon. (Candy Dynamics, Booth 2309)
  • WONKA® PUCKEROOMS - Wonka's® new PUCKEROOMS Sour Gummy Candy is the chewiest new treat made with natural ingredients and 25 percent real fruit juice. Each cherry, lemon-orange and grape mushroom-shaped sour gummi candy delivers a bitter twist with a curious combination of squishy and sour to dazzle your mouth. (Nestlé Confections and Snacks Division, Division Of Nestlé USA, Booth 1231
  • Warheads® - Perfect for a pucker on the go, Warheads'® snack packs pack a big punch in a convenient pocket-size pouch. These delicious pint-size treat bags come in two varieties: Warheads® SOUR QBZ® Chewy Fruity Cubes, cube-shaped sour gummies, and Warheads® Extreme SOUR Hard Candy, with a variety of classic Warheads® super sour flavored hard candies. Warheads'® snack packs aren't for the faint of heart! (Impact Confections Inc., Booth 1415
  • Sour Punch Bits® - Packing a wallop, chewy Sour Punch Bits® is the perfect pairing of mouth-watering strawberry and watermelon fruit flavors rolled up into one bite-size soft candy chew. Scrumptious in Strawberry-Watermelon, the sweet-yet-sour Sour Punch Bits® will surprise your mouth! (American Licorice Company, Booth 1715
    Freshen Up 
  • The Hershey® Company - Refresh your breath with the clean, crisp flavor of Ice Breakers® Mints in new spearmint flavor. New Cool Mint, wintergreen and cinnamon flavors will be available in June 2009. Or try Ice Breakers® Ice Cubes® White Chewing Gum, which packs the power of teeth-whitening benefits. Frosted with a proprietary process, the sugar-free gum is an extra cold, refreshing alternative to stick and shell gums. The cool cube shape, reflective of an ice cube, reinforces its refreshing, ultra-cold effect. Available in Wintergreen Splash and Mango Kiwi cooler flavors. The popular and powerful Breath Savers® Mints collection also adds two new varieties to the category. Breath Savers® Strong Mint Menthol takes breath freshening to a new level with menthol, which gives these mints peppermint vapors for a freshness that works even after the mint is gone. And for a quick boost, Breath Savers® Strong Energy Mint Caffeine offers a burst of freshness with a touch of caffeine. (The Hershey Company, Booth 845)
  • Cadbury North America - Extra delicious and extra good for you, Trident® XTRA CARETM strengthens and rebuilds your teeth. Now available in Cool Citrus flavor and made with Recaldent®, which is clinically proven to actively rebuild tooth enamel. And for dry mouths and scratchy throats, turn to new HALLS® Plus. Its Advanced Vapor Action® with soothing syrup center helps to temporarily relieve coughs due to cold and minor irritations. HALLS® Plus is available in 25-count re-sealable bags. HALLS® RefreshTM with Advanced Moisture ActionTM leaves your mouth and throat feeling instantly rejuvenated. Available in three pleasing, sugar-free flavors: Juicy Strawberry, Tropical Wave and Refreshing Mint. (Cadbury North America, Booth 1031)
  • tic tac® Melon Mango - Less than two calories per mint, tic tac® mints excite your mouth with new tic tac® Melon Mango mixed-flavor package. The classic easy-to-carry, flip-top box provides a duet of ripe mango and cool melon tic tac® mints. A timeless favorite, the fruity mints awaken your taste buds and leave your breath fresher, longer. (Ferrero USA, Inc. Booth 545 and 645)

 For Kids of All Ages 

  • Ford Gum & Machine Company, Inc. - Now you can "Blow Your Lunch!"TM with Hot DogTM Bubble Gum, the fruit flavored bubble gum that comes in a six-pack of fun hot dog shapes. Or try a combination of classic tastes with Smarties® Bubblegum Balls, which wraps Smarties® flavors into a chomping fun gumball. Available in an extra-long, ten-piece gumball pack, Smarties® Bubblegum Balls brings you all of your favorite Smarties® flavors and the endless fun of bubblegum. And, affordable and fun, Yowser!TM Bubble Gum pack is a $0.25 pre-priced line made in the United States, available in cotton candy, grape or assorted fruit flavor packs. (Ford Gum & Machine Co., Inc.,  Booth 2131)
  • WONKA® SLUGGLES - Plucked from Wonka's® Edible Garden, WONKA® SLUGGLES Classic Gummy Candy is made with natural ingredients and 25 percent real fruit juice. The slug-shaped gummies come in four scrumptious flavors: grape, orange, lemon and strawberry. (Nestlé Confections and Snacks Division, Division Of Nestlé USA, Booth 1231)
  • Tootsie® Roll Industries - Play now, chew later! With Wack-O-Wax® Mr. StacheTM you can fool your friends with an amusing chewable wax candy disguise! These grape-flavored candy mustaches are sure to be a treat for both the eyes and the mouth. If you're a sucker for lollipops, try an Apple Orchard Caramel Apple PopTM, the delicious apple candy pop with smooth caramel coating. Enjoy the ripe apple flavor and creamy caramel taste with every lick, now available in Golden Delicious and green apple caramel apple flavors. (Tootsie Roll Industries, Booth 1901)
  • Mike and Ike® Berry Blast® - Mouth-watering Mike and Ike® Berry Blast® bursts with real fruit juice flavor. The chewy candies are fat-free and come in five berry inspired flavors: blue raspberry, wild berry, strawberry, blueberry and peach berry. (Just Born Inc., Booth 2001)

 Celebrate the Seasons  

  • Sweethearts® Conversation Hearts Forbidden Fruits - Featuring Twilight movie-themed conversation hearts with spellbinding phrases like "Live 4 Ever" and "Bite Me," Sweetheart® Conversation Hearts Forbidden Fruits come in four passionate flavors: Orange Obsession, Tempting Apple, Passion Fruit and Secret Strawberry. Collect all three movie-theater size boxes in the Twilight Sweetheart® Conversation Hearts Forbidden Fruits series. Each box is decorated with movie scenes and secrets about your favorite Twilight characters. The package even comes with a secret scent that you'll need to rub to reveal! (NECCO, Booth 1820)
  • DOTS® Halloween Mix - Delightfully chewable DOTS® candies are now available in three frightfully fun, treat-size varieties in DOTS® Halloween Mix. Try tri-colored Candy Corn DOTS®, black Bat Blood Orange flavored DOTS®, or get spooked with Ghost DOTS® that come in a haunting phantom green color and a mix of fruit flavors. All three varieties will be sure to please on trick-or-treat night! (Tootsie Roll Industries, Booth 1901)
  • Just Born, Inc. - Enjoy everything you love about fruit chewy Mike and Ike® candies all year long. Win over hearts on Valentine's Day with Mike and Ike® Valentine's Medley, bursting with fruit juice flavor in a mix of Paradise Punch, cherry, grape and strawberry flavored Mike and Ike® candies. Matching the colors of fall leaves, Mike and Ike® Autumn Medley includes a variety of classic Mike and Ike® flavors: cherry, orange, lemon and strawberry. Or celebrate the season this winter with Mike and Ike® Holiday Medley, a blend of red and green colored Mike and Ike® candies in a juicy variety of Holiday Punch, cherry and lime flavors. Perfect for stocking stuffers, give Mike and Ike® and Hot Tamales® movie-theater size boxes decorated in colorful holiday scenes. These holiday themed boxes also come with convenient "to" and "from" labeling for easy and tasty gift giving. Or deck the halls with Marshmallow Reindeer Chocolate Mousse PEEPS®. These Rudolph look-alike PEEPS® are perfect for adorning gingerbread houses or holiday treats. And for a hair-raising experience on Halloween night try Marshmallow Cats Chocolate Mousse PEEPS® with a rich, full chocolate flavor. (Just Born, Inc. Booth 2001)
  • Splendid Chocolates - Sweeten any celebration with Splendid Chocolates gourmet chocolate treats in festive shapes for every holiday and season. Ring in spring with Splendid Chocolates' Milk Chocolate Lady Bug or fright and delight on Halloween night with the Skull Milk Chocolate Pop, which comes on a stick! The Milk Chocolate Snowman Gift Tie On, made with smooth Belgian chocolate can warm any cold heart this winter. Each novelty chocolate is hand decorated and sophisticatedly packaged. (Splendid Chocolates, Booth 2209)
  • Palmer® Chick-A-Dee Double CrispTM - An Easter "tweet," Palmer® Chick-A-Dee Double CrispTM milk chocolate chick brightens your holiday basket. Boxed in a playful springtime garden setting, inside rests the chocolaty delight of delicious Palmer's® Double CrispTM crisp n' crunchy chocolate, molded in the shape of a playful yellow chick bursting out of a chocolate-eggshell. (R.M. Palmer Company, Booth 653)
  • Twinkle Candy® SweetSour Pops® - April showers bring May flowers! Already in full bloom, Twinkle Candy® SweetSour Pops® lollipops are flowering sweet and sour pops on extra long sticks. Build a full bouquet with a variety of different Twinkle Candy® shapes to choose from! Blooming with color and available in ripe assorted fruit flavors, the lollipops are uniquely sweet with a visible sour-swirl twist. (Twinkle Candy, Booth 501)  
  • Gimbal's® Fine Candies Cherry Lovers® - It's easy to fall in love with Gimbal's® Fine Candies Cherry Lovers® this Valentine's Day. Cherry Lovers® fruit chews are made with real cherry juice and they are high in Vitamin C. The heart-shaped panned candy assortment comes in a vibrant holiday bag with nine cherry-licious flavor combinations inside: Bing cherry, cherry cheesecake, cherry daiquiri, chocolate cherry, cherry cola, cherry vanilla, black cherry, wild cherry and kiwi cherry. (Gimbal's Fine Candies, Booth 1009)
  • Elmer Candy Corporation - Combining delectable dark chocolate with choice pecans and a creamy melt-a-way center, Elmer's Dark Chocolate Gold Brick Egg is an indulgent treat for any chocolate lover. The new Elmer's Dark Chocolate Gold Brick Egg, like the original, is only available during Easter. Get them while you can! Or for a combination of tempting chocolate and toasted marshmallow, try Elmer's Happy BunnyTM Toasted Marshmallow Eggs. The rich chocolate shell and soft marshmallow filling of each individually wrapped egg make this treat simply irresistible. Enjoy half a dozen marshmallow eggs per package. A delight to share with others, Elmer's Happy BunnyTM Toasted Marshmallow Eggs are packaged in colorful wrappers adorned with Happy BunnyTM cartoons. (Elmer Candy Corporation, Booth 1931)  

On-the-go Snacks & Instant Treats 

  • General Mills® Golden Grahams® Treat - Curb hunger and entice taste buds with Golden Grahams® Treat Bars. The full-size snack bars are available in two varieties - Chocolate Marshmallow and Peanut Butter Chocolate - and combine the goodness of Golden GrahamsTM cereal pieces with chewy marshmallows, chocolate chips and peanut butter for an on-the-go, indulgent snack. (General Mills, Booth 1445)
  • Russell Stover® Sugar Free Snack Bar - Combining America's favorite sugar-free chocolate candy with wholesome granola, Russell Stover® Sugar Free Snack Bars are a delicious any time of the day snack. The satisfying 100-calorie treat can be enjoyed in two delectable flavors: Chocolate Delight Granola and Peanut Butter Granola. Each bar boasts four grams of protein, zero grams trans fat and six grams of fiber. (Russell Stover Candies, Inc., Booth 2101)
  • Corazonas® Heart Healthy Whole Grain Squeeze of Lime Tortilla Chips - These tangy chips combine authentic tortilla crunch and flavor with a dash of salt and lime; made even more delightful with 18 grams of heart healthy whole grain. Snack to your heart's content with Corazonas® Heart Healthy Whole Grain Squeeze of Lime Tortilla Chips. (Corazonas Foods, Inc., Booth 1677)
  • WaveBake® Microwave Brownie Treat - No mess and no mix, WaveBake® Microwave Brownie Treats are ideal for anyone with a busy lifestyle. The pre-mixed decadent treat can be microwave ready in only 40 seconds. Available in three delicious flavors: Chocolate Fudge, Butterscotch Caramel and Marshmallow Cream. (1st Products, Inc., Booth 213)

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