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April 19, 2009 Retail Sales Summary (Information Resources, Inc.)

April 19, 2009

As anticipated the 2009 Easter confectionery selling season was a strong one for the confectionery category. Sales grew at the high end of projections with a 7.9% sales increase according to Information Resources, Inc.

For the fifty-two week period ending April 19, 2009, IRI reports a 3.7% increase in dollar sales for the confectionery category led by gum sales with an increase of 6.1% and followed by chocolate candy with a 3.7% increase and non-chocolate candy with a 2.4% sales increase. Drug Stores have posted a 5.4% sales increase while Supermarkets grew 3.3% and Mass Merchants other than Wal-Mart grew 1.8% for the 52 week period.
IRI reports that confectionery sales in convenience stores have grown 5.0% in the past 12 weeks. Fifty-two week data is not available until the fall for convenience stores. Wal-Mart sales grew 4.0% for the last twelve weeks and 2% for the latest 52 weeks according to IRI Consumer Panel Information.
Be careful with the attached reports if you are looking to compare four week sales figures against a year ago as this year’s April 19 report contains Easter sales as 2008’s report would have been the four week period following Easter. The 12 week and fifty-two week comparisons however are very accurate.

April 19, 2009 Retail Sales Summary
$ Sales Percent Change vs. Year Ago (Food, Drug, Mass excluding Wal-Mart)

Candy and Gum Sales

4 Week $

12 Week $

52 Week $

Class of Trade

% Change

% Change

% Change

FDM Excluding Wal-Mart












Mass Excluding Wal-Mart