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November 29, 2009 IRI Sales Summary

February 1, 2010

November Confectionery Sales Take Off

Confectionery sales jumped 4.3% during the four weeks ending November 29, 2009 according to Information Resources, Inc.  For the fifty-two week period dollar sales have grown 4.1%.  

These increases have come despite a relatively soft start to the Christmas candy selling season.  The increases are due to extremely strong dollar growth in the following sub-categories:  chocolate singles  +9.3%;  non-chocolate chewy candy +13.6%; non-chocolate novelty candy +7.1%; mints +8.4%; sugar free candy + 10.6%; specialty nut/coconut candy +12.2%; and sugar free gum +6.9%.

During the most recent fifty-two week period all major sub-categories are showing strong growth.  Gum sales are up 6.0%; non-chocolate candy sales are up 4.9% and chocolate candy sales are up 3.3% over a year ago.

With a strong December for seasonal candy expected, 2009 should end up a very strong year for the confectionery category.

November 29, 2009 Retail Sales Summary

$ Sales Percent Change vs. Year Ago (Food, Drug, Mass excluding Wal-Mart)

Candy and Gum Sales

4 Week $

12 Week $

52 Week $

Class of Trade

% Change

% Change

% Change

FDM Excluding Wal-Mart












Mass Excluding Wal-Mart




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