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IRI June 13, 2010 Summary

July 19, 2010

June IRI Summary

Posted July 15, 2010

In confectionery sales, all signs point up for the start of the summer selling season.
Candy and gum posted positive gains of 4.2% in FDMx for the fifty-two week period ending June 13, 2010. Unit sales for the same period were also up by 1% which means that with dollars and units both tracking upward, real candy consumption growth is happening. Four week sales capped at 3.4% while 12 week sales garnered a respectable 2.4% growth.  The biggest growth percentage was seen in FDMW posting a solid 4.9% increase over 2009.
Fifty-two week sales figures indicate growth in many channels led by supermarkets with a 5.7% sales increase.  Drug stores grew 1.6% while convenience stores experienced a 2.9% increase. The hot category leader in c-stores for the twelve and fifty-two week periods was chocolate showing double digit 11% growth in both periods. 

June 13, 2010 Retail Sales Summary

$ Sales Percent Change vs. Year Ago (Food, Drug, Mass excluding Wal-Mart)

Candy and Gum Sales

4 Week $

12 Week $

52 Week $

Class of Trade

% Change

% Change

% Change

FDM Excluding Wal-Mart




















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