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IRI November 28, 2010 Retail Sales Summary

January 4, 2011

Halloween & Christmas Seasons Bulk-Up November Confectionery Sales Figures

The fifty-two week period dollar sales for FDMx grew a healthy 4.1 percent while four weeks sales ending November 28, 2010 more than doubled annual growth trends at +11.1 percent. The Drug channel showed the largest jump in total candy and gum sales in the four week period with a huge 14.9 percent increase while the food channel grew 8.7 percent. Latest four week unit growth also accelerated across all segments of confectionery as an encouraging sign of sustainable category growth.

Chocolate confectionery sales skyrocketed into the double digits during the latest four week period with phenomenal results across channels including:
FDMx 14.0% chocolate growth
Food 11.5% chocolate growth
Drug 17.6% chocolate growth

These increases can be contributed in part to Symphony IRI data revealing that the second biggest week for incremental chocolate sales is the week following Halloween as stores discount their remaining inventories of Halloween merchandise. Going forward, retailers should see this as an opportunity to drive higher quality merchandising in the weeks immediately leading up to Halloween.

With a strong December for seasonal candy expected on top of solid November sales, 2010 confectionery sales should end on a very high note.

November 28, 2010 Retail Sales Summary
$ Sales Percent Change vs. Year Ago(Food, Drug, Mass excluding Wal-Mart)

Candy and Gum Sales

4 Week $

12 Week $

52 Week $

Class of Trade

% Change

% Change

% Change

FDM Excluding Wal-Mart












FDM + Wal-Mart








 * Wal-Mart is projected from IRI household panel data

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