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July 8, 2012 Retail Sales Summary

August 1, 2012

Summer confectionery sales receive an honorable mention for modest growth while U.S. Olympic athletes take home the gold!

SymphonyIRI Group reported a slight  2.6 percent increase in sales (FDMx) for the 52 week period ending July 8, 2012 while sales remained flat for the four week period. Units are also indicating a slow down in the 52 week period with a 4.0 percent loss. The twelve week period sales number showed a 13.1 loss. This loss is mostly attributed to the residuals of the late 2011 Easter holiday sales falling within this sales period.

The chocolate segment was the stand out front runner during the 52 week period with a 3.8 percent increase while non-chocolate received a silver medal for its 3.3 percent increase.  The gum category watched along the sidelines with its continuing less than stellar performance reporting a 3.3 percent loss.

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