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Summary of 2002 Sales and Consumption Data (Based on the Dept. of Commerce 311D)

March 1, 2003

The U.S. Department of Commerce Census Bureau has released the 311D report for 2002 confectionery shipments. Commerce reports total manufacturer dollar sales increased 1.6% and tonnage sales increased 2.7% in 2002. Commerce reports apparent consumption, which includes domestic manufacturing plus imports less exports as $15.8 billion. NCA estimates retail sales for 2002 at $24.3 billion based upon the Department of Commerce shipment figures.

Tonnage increased: 5.9% for chocolate candy; 0.1% for non-chocolate candy; and 0.2% for gum products. Chocolate candy sales increased 5.9% in tonnage.

U.S. Department of Commerce 2002 311D Report

Apparent Consumption2002 $2002 $
Percent Change
2002 lbs2002 lbs
Percent Change
Total Confection$15.8 +1.6%6.9 +2.7%
Chocolate Candy$8.7-+1.6%3.3+5.9%
Non-chocolate Candy$4.8+1.6%2.9 +0.1%
Gum $1.8 +1.9%0.5 +0.2%