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Valentine's Day 2002 Sales Summary

May 1, 2003

Valentine’s Day 2002 was a home run for the confectionery industry!

Total Food, Drug and Mass(excluding Wal-Mart) outlets sales increased 6.5 percent according to IRI. NCA estimates food outlets increased sales 9.6 percent, drug stores 6.7 percent and mass merchants (exclusive of Walmart) 0.6 percent. The increase in mass outlets comes at a time of financial difficulties for K-Mart.

NCA estimates Valentine’s Day sales of candy reached $1.145 billion for all retail outlets including the channels reported by IRI and other retailers such as candy shops, wholesale clubs, dollar stores, convenience stores, gourmet stores and more.

Valentine’s Day Candy Sales

Outlet 2002 Valentine’s $ Sales% Change
Food Outlets $152,613,300.00   +9.6%
Drug Stores  $172,624,000.00+6.7%
Mass Merchants(Ex WM)$80,573,600.00+0.6%
Total FD&M$405,810,900.00   +6.5%