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Summary of 2003 Sales and Consumption Data (Based on the Dept. of Commerce 311D)

March 1, 2004

The U.S. Department of Commerce, Census Bureau recently released the results of their annual 311D Report, reporting on the performance of the manufacturing confectionery industry. The most recent 311D Report confirms that 2003 was an outstanding year for confectionery manufacturers.

Commerce reports apparent consumption in pounds and dollars. Apparent consumption are manufacturing production and shipment numbers that add imports and subtract exports to develop the final figure.

Confectionery tonnage increased 3 percent and dollars increased 5 percent in 2003. Chocolate candy had a banner year with tonnage increasing 2.8 percent and dollars increasing eight percent. Non-chocolate candies increased tonnage shipments 4.7 percent however, the increase was due to increased imports as U.S. domestic production of non-chocolate candy decreased. Gum tonnage shipments increased 4.9 percent and dollars rose 2.8 percent.

U.S. Department of Commerce 2003 311D Report

Apparent Consumption2003 $% Increase2003 lbs% Increase
Total Confection$16.8 billion +5.7%7.1 billion+3.7%
Chocolate Candy$9.5 billion+8.0%3.4 billion+2.8%
Non-chocolate Candy$5.0 billion+3.0%3.0 billion+4.7%
Gum $1.8 billion +2.8%0.4 billion+4.9%