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Summary of 2006 Sales and Consumption Data (Based on the Dept. of Commerce 311D)

March 1, 2007

The U.S. Department of Commerce, Census Bureau reports that the U.S. Confectionery Industry grew by 1.4% in tonnage shipments and 0.9% in dollar shipment in 2006. Manufacturers’ shipments have grown to $18.3 billion in 2006 and 7.7 billion pounds.

NCA estimates that retail sales of confectionery products in all trade classes have reached $28.2 billion. Chocolate candy sales declined 0.9% to $15.6 billion in retail sales and non-chocolate candy sales grew 2.9% to $8.9 billion. Total gum sales grew 8.3% to $2.7 billion in retail sales.

Since 1927, the Census Bureau has surveyed confectionery industry manufacturers to determine the amount of shipments to U.S. retailers and wholesalers and includes imports and exports in their calculations.

U.S. Department of Commerce 2006 311D Report

Apparent ConsumptionRetailWholesale% Increase2006 lbs% Increase
Total Confections$28.2 billion $18.3 billion +0.9%7.7 billion1.4%
Chocolate Candy$15.6 billion $10.2 billion -0.9%3.6 billion-0.8%
Non-chocolate Candy$8.9 billion $5.8 billion +2.3%3.3 billion2.9%
Gum$2.7 billion $1.8 billion +8.3%0.5 billion7.7%
Not specified$0.8 billion $0.5 billion +0.1%0.2 billion0.5%