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Christmas 2007 Retail Sales Summary

March 1, 2008

According to IRI, overall Christmas candy sales grew at a 2.2% rate in 2007. The strongest increase was turned in by mass merchants with a 5.5% increase. Supermarkets turned in a 1.6% increase and drug stores grew 0.7%.

Sales of Christmas themed candies led the way with a 4.6% increase in chocolate Christmas- themed candies and a 6.7% increase in non-chocolate themed candies. Traditional gift box chocolates however, did not have a strong Christmas. It is difficult to single out gift boxes though because if a gift box has Christmas Merchandising it will fall under the Chocolate Christmas section. So it can be that more manufacturers are identifying their items with Christmas themes.

Christmas 2007 Sales Analysis

$ Percent Change vs. Year Ago (Food, Drug & Mass excluding Wal-Mart)

Distribution Channel
Candy Category
% Change
% Change
% Change
% Change
Total Candy
Chocolate Candy
Non-Chocolate Candy