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NCA Business News: Policy & Regulation

July 11, 2014


July 11, 2014


NCA submits moderation research to DGAC
The fourth meeting of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee is July 17-18, and NCA has submitted research defining moderate consumption of candy for consideration by the committee. The research, supported by NCA, demonstrates that candy contributes a small percent of calories to the American diet, is not associated with obesity, and suggests that including treats in moderation in a balanced diet leads to healthier behaviors than restriction of treats. NCA hopes the Committee will issue realistic dietary recommendations that include a role for indulgences, like candy, in moderation. Contact Laura Shumow.
NCA advocacy on proposed FDA labeling changes
NCA is advocating for modifications to the proposed rules on updates to the Nutrition Facts Panel and serving sizes. Based on issues identified by NCA’s NFP Working Group, NCA is requesting an adequate compliance timeline and that formats and enforcement mechanisms in the final rule are practical. To bring FDA’s attention to these concerns, NCA delivered oral comments at the Food and Drug Administration’s June 26 public meeting on the proposed rules and will hold an in-person meeting with FDA on July 15 to discuss concerns in a private forum. Written comments will be submitted to the agency on August 1. Contact Laura Shumow.
Pro-GMO victory in New York
NCA and several other industry groups won the battle against a proposed genetically modified organism labeling bill introduced in the New York state assembly. NCA members in the state contacted their local representatives to prevent the bill from coming to a vote, and the bill died in the Assembly’s Ways and Means Committee before the committee adjourned for the year in June. NCA and its members will oppose similar legislation in Massachusetts and other states where such labeling bills might be introduced, such as Oregon and Colorado. Contact Zara Khaleeli.
Esther Price sign   Ether Price Candies leads sweet tour
NCA’s Vice President of Government Affairs, Liz Clark, recently met with executives of Esther Price Candies in Dayton, Ohio. While on a tour of the manufacturing plant, Clark discussed new and impending food safety regulations and policy issues, including health and wellness initiatives and sugar reform. Contact Liz Clark.
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