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Treat Right Banner - Labeling

Whether you’re picking up ingredients to make holiday treats with your kids, grandkids, or friends, or choosing a small indulgence for yourself, a label can help make your decision easier.


Chocolate Labeling

Some labels on chocolate tell you the percent cacao on the product, plus any certifications that may show how the product was made. Learn more about labels on chocolate.


Nutrition Labeling

Nutrition labels on packaged foods, including candy, list the food’s ingredients and nutrition information. One of the most easily-recognizable nutrition labels is the Nutrition Facts panel. This label and others can help you decide which foods to choose. 


Front-of-Pack Labeling

In 2013 NCA launched the Treat Right front-of-pack labeling system. This voluntary system sample FOP icon has been developed to meet the specific needs of the confectionery industry while at the same time providing as much consistency as possible with other food and beverage front-of-pack systems schemes. In compliance with this voluntary program, members of the confectionery industry have begun putting labels showing calorie counts on the front of packages. These icons are simple and easy to understand, and they look similar to labels you see on other kinds of food, such as Facts Up Front labels. Because these labels will clearly show calories, they can help you in your efforts to eat candy in moderation. View a summary of NCA's Treat Right FOP labeling system or visit our FOP industry issues page for more information.