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Treat Right Banner - Marketing

When you unwrap a bite-sized treat, you’re experiencing one of the many ways that candy-makers are helping you to eat in moderation—and to treat yourself right.



To give you many ways to enjoy candy responsibly, confectioners offer these options:

  • Smaller Portions: Candies in bite-sized, fun/snack size, and regular-size.
  • Fewer Calories: Sugar-free gums and hard candy.


Responsible Marketing

The candy industry encourages moderation and supports responsible advertising to children. The vast majority of candies sold at grocery stores, drug stores, and mass merchandising retailers are manufactured by companies that do not market candy directly to children younger than 12 years old.

In addition, a recent Federal Trade Commission report found the small amount of candy and other treats still marketed to children averaged significantly fewer calories, sugar, and saturated fat than in years prior.  Likewise, total candy company expenditures for marketing to youth have decreased in recent years.

These noteworthy declines in candy marketing to children are the result of voluntary commitments made by candy category leaders.

Most candy manufacturers follow voluntary guidelines from these organizations:

See our guides to eating candy in moderation in How to Treat Right.




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