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Throughout the journey from the cocoa bean to the foil-wrapped candy, the candy industry is a responsible partner, promoting health and wellness among cocoa farmers, their own employees, and candy-lovers worldwide.

Cocoa Sustainability

The industry is working to provide a sustainable future for cocoa farming. The goal is a sustainable cocoa supply chain that brings value to cocoa farming communities and those further along the chain.

Confectioners offer cocoa farmers and others a range of programs on topics from health education to farm safety and new developments in agriculture.

Learn more about cocoa sustainability programs.



Through this website and other efforts, NCA is educating nutrition experts and the public on how to enjoy moderate amounts of candy as part of a healthy, balanced diet. 

Please visit our sections on Candy & Health and How to Treat Right to learn more.

NCA also supports research on the health effects of eating candy so that the candy industry can continue to provide valuable information as well as tasty treats that provide little pleasures, responsibly.