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  • Icon Body Your Body: You can eat candy and not gain weight—if you eat mindfully and in moderation.
  • Icon Heart Your Heart: Chocolate and all candy can fit into a heart-healthy diet.
  • Icon Mind Your Mind: Candy may have positive effects on your how your mind works.
  • Icon Smile Your Smile: Learn how sweets can affect your sense of well-being and your oral health.
  • Boy with Easter basketModeration Guides: See daily and weekly suggestions for chocolate, jelly beans, hard candies, gum, and more.
  • Meal-Planning Tools: See sample menus with nutritious foods and occasional candies.
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It’s best not to brush your teeth right after eating sour candies.

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On your mark, get set, go for NCA’s inaugural Monument Run/Walk — September 17, 2014

Tomorrow morning before the sun rises dozens of candy industry professionals will lace up their running shoes and head down to the National Mall in Washington, D.C. for NCA’s inaugural Monument Run/Walk. We’ll be led by Representative Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), known not only for her role as a respected legislator around these parts, but also for […]

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NCA staff knows how to Treat Right — September 04, 2014

We spend a lot of time at NCA thinking about, talking about and attempting to live what we firmly believe — that candy is, well, awesome, fun and makes us happy. In a recent post I pointed out that our office candy room was a teachable moment. We have up to 50 kinds of candy at our disposal […]

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Let’s educate, not confuse, busy shoppers — August 14, 2014

Earlier this year FDA announced that it was considering changes to the current Nutrition Facts panel. The label was created 20 years ago and is on most foods and beverages in the United States. It gives us an easy-to-understand way to quickly see what’s in the foods we consume each day. It’s also how you [...]

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Our Candy Store is a ‘teachable moment’ — August 07, 2014

As many of you know we have a “candy room” in our office. It’s set up like a candy store in that it’s very colorful and when you enter the room there are more than 50 bins along the walls, each brimming with a different kind of candy. There is a little scoop for each bin [...]

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