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Candy & Health
  • Icon Body Your Body: You can eat candy and not gain weight—if you eat mindfully and in moderation.
  • Icon Heart Your Heart: Chocolate and all candy can fit into a heart-healthy diet.
  • Icon Mind Your Mind: Candy may have positive effects on your how your mind works.
  • Icon Smile Your Smile: Learn how sweets can affect your sense of well-being and your oral health.
  • Boy with Easter basketModeration Guides: See daily and weekly suggestions for chocolate, jelly beans, hard candies, gum, and more.
  • Meal-Planning Tools: See sample menus with nutritious foods and occasional candies.
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Chewing gum may help you concentrate, says emerging research.

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Health & Wellness Blog Posts

The secret to happy kids? — June 04, 2014

Here is a great piece of news for children as well as parents: A new study, funded by the United Kingdom’s Department of Health, discovered that “seven-year-olds are happier when they are allowed some sweets, snacks and television time, rather than none at all.” The findings support the reasoning that non-restrictive but responsible parenting results [...]

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Front-of-Pack calorie labels make it easier for consumers to plan — May 05, 2014

Want to know how many calories are in your candy? Voluntary front-of-pack calorie labels are changing the face of candy. In 2013 NCA launched the Treat Right front-of-pack labeling system to meet the specific needs of confectionery package sizes  while at the same time providing as much consistency as possible with other food and beverage front-of-pack [...]

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Healthy diets…who’s responsible? — May 02, 2014

A recent shopper survey conducted by NCA found that Americans value choice when buying food: 92 percent of shoppers believe eating a healthy and balanced diet is their own responsibility.   Of course we know it’s great to have limitless choices, but that makes planning meals challenging. So we’ve made that easier with this simple meal [...]

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Research shows food restriction is counter productive — May 02, 2014

Recently the New York Times’ wellness blog, “The Lure of Forbidden Food”  focused on research conducted at The Penn State University to determine whether parental restriction of foods or basic genetics has an effect on a child’s desire for that food.   The research results were published in the February issue of the journal Appetite. The results [...]

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