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  • Icon Body Your Body: You can eat candy and not gain weight—if you eat mindfully and in moderation.
  • Icon Heart Your Heart: Chocolate and all candy can fit into a heart-healthy diet.
  • Icon Mind Your Mind: Candy may have positive effects on your how your mind works.
  • Icon Smile Your Smile: Learn how sweets can affect your sense of well-being and your oral health.
  • Boy with Easter basketModeration Guides: See daily and weekly suggestions for chocolate, jelly beans, hard candies, gum, and more.
  • Meal-Planning Tools: See sample menus with nutritious foods and occasional candies.
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The American Dental Association has awarded its Seal of Acceptance to some sugar-free gums.

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Health & Wellness Blog Posts

Halloween candy tips from the Guilt-Free RD — October 29, 2014

Registered dietitian Melissa Joy Dubbins is on to something. She is the “guilt-free RD because “food shouldn’t make you feel bad”. A couple of days ago Melissa posted an interesting blog on Halloween trick-or-treat night that encourages parents to allow children to learn how to manage sweets, because, well, that’s an important life lesson. Like […]

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Make It: Halloween Trail Mix — October 23, 2014

I’ve made my love of candy corn public information here on the Candy Dish so it should probably come as no surprise that when I looked through NCA’s recipes for festive fall treats this Halloween Trail Mix caught my eye right away. It has a bunch of classic tastes and it’s a great way to add […]

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Managing Halloween — October 20, 2014

I love  Halloween. Before we had kids we dressed up our dog and she helped greet trick-or-treaters. When my kids were growing up I was as excited about Halloween as they were, perhaps even more so. It was exciting to plan their first Halloween and discuss what would happen. Knocking on a neighbor’s door is […]

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Sugar: Not So “Simple” Anymore — October 09, 2014

Many of us feel helpless or frustrated with regard to our weight. In fact, Americans are obsessed with reading and talking about weight, probably because that’s easier than changing our lifestyle habits. Unfortunately that means we are looking for the quick fixes. The result? Not very good science telling us that the golden ticket to […]

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