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Facebook Fun for Halloween

Help yourself to these Facebook posts during the weeks leading up to Halloween and feel free to personalize in any way. Don't forget to like the National Confectioners Association on Facebook to see more updates about candy around this sweet holiday! 

Date Specific Posts:

Oct. 1 - Happy National Homemade Cookies Day! Are you baking with candy today? Share a photo of your creation and tag with #candycookies. For recipe inspiration:
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Oct. 28 - Happy National Chocolate Day! Savor a piece while you learn sweet facts:
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October 30 - It’s National Candy Corn Day. What do you think is the right way to eat the sweet stuff? See if you agree with the rest of the nation.
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Oct. 31 - We're wishing you a sweet and happy Halloween! Enjoy spreading the candy cheer today.
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Nov. 1 - You've got lots of Halloween candy so make sure it lasts with these moderation tips:
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General Posts (Not Date Specific):


  • Get your Halloween sweet facts and news by liking
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  • According to the latest National Confectioners Association survey, 75% of Americans will hand out candy to trick-or-treaters this year. We hope you are one of those generous people. There's still time to stock up on candy for Halloween!
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  • 78% of parents confess that they take candy from their child's Halloween haul (or other seasonal candy collections), based on a 2014 National Confectioners Association consumer survey. Are you guilty?
  • According to the National Confectioners Association, 23% of parents wait until their kids go to bed or school before sneaking some sweets, while 55% have a house rule that everyone must share. A surprising 22% of parents claim not to sneak or insist on sharing Halloween candy (or just won't own up!).
  • Torn on Candy Corn: Of those who celebrate Halloween, only a slight majority believe candy corn is a must-have during the holiday. It is slightly more preferred by women (54%) than by men (50%). 
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  • It's OK to indulge at the holidays, like Halloween. 70% of those surveyed by the National Confectioners Association agree that eating healthfully can include the enjoyment of seasonal candy. 
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  • “Trick or treat, give me something chocolate to eat.” Are you one of the 72% of Americans who prefer chocolate for Halloween? Get other sweet stats from the National Confectioners Association's latest U.S. survey.
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  • The younger you are, the more likely you are to lose some candy to candy to mom and dad, according to the National Confectioners Association. Parents are most likely to help themselves after bedtime if their children are under the age of 6, while teens are more likely to have parents who will let them keep the entire haul.
  • They really are sweeter in the Midwest! Three-quarters of the National Confectioners Association survey respondents plan to hand out candy this year to Halloween enthusiasts, with the most coming from the Midwest (79%). In the South, 76% will hand out sweets, followed by 74% in the West and 71% in the Northeast. 
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  • Stock up ... unless you enjoy fishing toilet paper from your trees on November 1. 50% of U.S. households claim they sometimes (37%) or often (13%) run out of candy on Halloween night. Parents are more likely to run out of candy (60%) than households without children at home. Read more Trick-or-Treat Tidbits from the National Confectioners Association.
  • Do you know how to properly store your Halloween candy? Don't mix chocolate with gummy candy since they will begin to taste like each other. Tips from the National Confectioners Association:
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  • October is National Caramel Month. Surprise your friends or colleagues with caramel apples. We have a simple recipe for you!
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  • Party on! Millennials have Halloween spirit--51% will find themselves at a Halloween party this year, while just 30% of Americans will attend an adult-oriented Halloween party this year, according to a National Confectioners Association consumer survey.


Provided by the National Confectioners Association