Candy & a Balanced Lifestyle


Always a Treat: Candy is one of life’s little pleasures.

Candy may play a small role in people’s diets, but it plays a big part in the special occasions, like birthdays, holidays and celebrations, that make life so memorable and so sweet. What would Halloween be without candy corn?  Or Valentine’s Day without conversation hearts? Or small celebrations without a little taste of chocolate?

Consumers understand that candy can be enjoyed in moderation, as part of a happy, balanced lifestyle.  And that’s exactly how most people enjoy sweets and treats.  Research shows that most people in the U.S. enjoy candy about twice a week, averaging about 40 calories per day from confectionery items.  Candy accounts for less than 2 percent of the average American’s overall caloric intake.

NCA supports responsible snacking and promotes moderation with candy as part of a balanced lifestyle.  Here are some tips on how to Treat Right.

We believe that candy is always a treat.  So whether it’s a piece of chocolate, a hard candy or a few gummies, candy is a great way to treat yourself after a long day, a job well done, or as part of a special moment.

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