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At Premier Industry Event, Chocolate and Candy Companies Announce Plans to Help Consumers Manage Sugar Intake

23 May 2017 - Industry Leadership Highlighted as Trend in the Innovative World of Treats and Snacks Washington, D.C. (May 22, 2017) – As ...

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Candymakers Commit To Helping Consumers Make Informed Choices

11 May 2017 - Washington — This afternoon the four biggest global confectionery companies and America’s largest non-chocolate candy company, in cooperation with the Partnership ...

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Millennials Reward Retailers With Higher Brand Equity Than Older Generations

10 May 2017 - New York — Compared with older generations, millennials award higher brand equity to all retail channels, except hardware and home ...


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RM Palmer Easter bunny

R.M. Palmer Company

Reading, PA

R.M. Palmer Company has been crafting seasonal chocolate novelties since 1948 and is the largest producer of hollow chocolate bunnies in North America. More than 800 dedicated employees of this family-owned and operated business design, produce, package and ship more than 500 unique products from Palmer’s headquarters in West Reading, PA – making it one of America’s largest and most innovative confectioners. Through the years, R.M. Palmer has captured the nostalgia of the holidays with hand-decorated chocolate novelties that have transformed Easter baskets, Christmas stockings, and Valentine’s cards into fun memories.   

Learn more about R.M. Palmer Company and dozens of other NCA members as we work to document the hundreds of stories that comprise the U.S. candy industry.


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The National Confectioners Association advances, protects and promotes the confectionery industry.

The public understands and appreciates candy’s role in a happy, balanced lifestyle.

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NCA is committed to advancing, promoting and protecting the confectionery industry. Through advocacy and communications, industry insights, and retailer and supply chain engagement, we are strengthening public understanding and appreciation of candy’s unique role in a happy, balanced lifestyle.

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