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Representatives Foxx, Davis Pen Message On Negative Impact Of Sugar Program

14 Feb 2018 - Washington — With the backdrop of Valentine’s Day, a holiday marked for its gifting of chocolates and other sweet treats, ...

Industry | Candy & Snack Today

Call To Reform Sugar Program Ratchets Up To New Heights

13 Feb 2018 - Washington — For years, the chocolate and candy industry has wrestled with a U.S. sugar program that primarily benefits a ...

Industry | Candy & Snack Today

Maryland’s Candymakers and Bakers Team Up in D.C.

13 Feb 2018 - Washington — Last week, NCA and the American Bakers Association joined forces on Capitol Hill as legislators welcomed candymakers and bakers ...


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Madelaine Chocolate Company

Rockaway Beach, NY

Founded in 1949, Madelaine Chocolate Company has always dedicated itself to perfecting the superior taste and quality of chocolate. Located in Far Rockaway, Queens, Madelaine is an American family-owned and run company, led today by Jorge and Vivian Farber and their cousin Norman Gold. The company’s chocolates have been made solely in New York and have been part of the American family life for more than 65 years.

Learn more about Madelaine Chocolate Company and dozens of other NCA members as we work to document the hundreds of stories that comprise the U.S. candy industry.

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The National Confectioners Association advances, protects and promotes the confectionery industry.

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NCA is committed to advancing, promoting and protecting the confectionery industry. Through advocacy and communications, industry insights, and retailer and supply chain engagement, we are strengthening public understanding and appreciation of candy’s unique role in a happy, balanced lifestyle.

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