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NCA Releases Wide Ranging Study Highlighting Consumers’ Mindsets, Trends

02 Mar 2020 - Boca Raton, FL — NCA’s recently released State of Treating 2020 report found that only 20 percent of consumers view shopping the candy aisle similar to that of the bread section, a more than 20 percent drop compared to sentiments shared just five years ...

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YummyEarth Partners With FARE To Drive Food Allergy Awareness

17 Feb 2020 - McLean, VA — FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education), a food allergy research, advocacy and education organization has partnered with organic candy company YummyEarth, Inc. to raise awareness around life with food allergies and inspire support for the food allergy community. The partnership, according ...

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WCF President’s Valentine Post Addresses Child Labor In Cocoa Farming

14 Feb 2020 - Washington — In an editorial posted on FoodDive to coincide with Valentine’s Day, World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) President Richard Scobey addressed concerns surrounding child labor in cocoa farming and what is being done to address them. In the opinion piece, Scobey stated: “The cocoa ...

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Elmer Chocolate

Ponchatoula, Louisiana

Elmer Candy Corporation established its New Orleans roots in 1855 as the local kitchen of homemade chocolate, candy and snacks. More than 155 years later, the family-owned company is one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of seasonal boxed chocolates and treats and is the second-largest manufacturer of the iconic Valentine’s Day heart-shaped box in the country. Now located in Ponchatoula, La., 50 miles northwest of New Orleans, Elmer Chocolate distributes its boxed chocolates to most major U.S. retailers for Valentine’s Day with additional distribution in Canada, Mexico and Central America.

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