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House Fails To Address Outdated Sugar Program, Focus Moves To Senate

18 May 2018 - Washington — Disappointing small business owners looking for alleviation from artificially inflated sugar prices, the U.S. House of Representatives failed to address the sugar program during yesterday’s farm bill amendment process. While the House neglected  to help small businesses and manufacturers, sugar reform supporters ...

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Wall Street Journal Highlights Need To Revamp Sugar Program

16 May 2018 - New York  — The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board is urging Congress to reform the sugar policy, noting consumers lose between $2.4 and $4 billion annually because of the program and that during 2015, raw sugar prices in the U.S. ran 24.7 cents a pound, ...

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Washington Post Editorial Board Supports Sugar Reform

15 May 2018 - Washington — The editorial board of the Washington Post came out in support of sugar reform in an editorial published on May 13. In part, the group states, “because the program’s impact takes the form of higher prices, which means fewer jobs in sugar-using ...


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