What is CandyPAC?

CandyPAC is the confectionery industry’s political action committee funded by personal money that individuals contribute to NCA. In turn, the Association offers it to current and prospective members of Congress who use this money to campaign.

What does CandyPAC do for the confectionery industry?

CandyPAC supports Congressional leaders who understand our issues, our needs and our concerns. Contributing to CandyPAC is a business decision to build and sustain relationships with members of Congress.

Addressing public policy issues is the cornerstone of the National Confectioners Association, and the PAC is one of the most important tools NCA uses to achieve this goal. Issues such as health and nutrition, proposed marketing restrictions on candy, sugar policy, global trade, food safety and labeling regulations impact our collective ability to thrive and realize success in the marketplace.

Why should I contribute to CandyPAC?

Supporting CandyPAC is a direct and tangible method to ensure your voice is heard. If you are frustrated with ineffective policies and regulations that interfere with the success of your business, CandyPAC is your opportunity to advocate for change. NCA and its public policy and PAC committees are committed to achieving common-sense improvements to the political and regulatory landscape affecting our industry. Your voluntary support is essential to meeting these goals.

Who will know if I make a contribution to CandyPAC?

Contributors to CandyPAC will be recognized at NCA’s State of the Industry Conference, Washington Forum and board meetings. Your exact contribution amount will remain confidential, but your category/level of contribution may be highlighted. If you contribute more than $200 in aggregate during a calendar year, your contribution amount, your name, address, occupation, and employer must be reported, BY LAW, to the Federal Election Commission. This report, along with other information regarding other receipts and disbursements made by CandyPAC will be publicly available on the FEC’s website.

Does CandyPAC support one political party over another?

NCA advocates for the interests of the candy industry, not the interests of a political party. CandyPAC is bipartisan and contributions are made irrespective of political parties.

How is the decision made to make a contribution from CandyPAC to a particular candidate?

Decisions to support candidates are based on the following criteria:

  • The candidate’s position on specific business and policy issues that have an impact on our industry.
  • The candidate’s overall support for the confectionery industry.
  • The candidate’s leadership and membership on key committees with jurisdiction over issues affecting the candy industry.
  • The candidate’s character, integrity and leadership abilities.
  • The candidates position on general business issues.
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More Resources:

Download the PAC Prior Approval Form (writable PDF).

For more information on CandyPAC, contact Tod Moore at (202) 534-1440.

If you are ready to make a contribution, contact NCA’s Finance Department at (202) 534-1483.

What is CandyPAC?