State Government Affairs


These Sweet United StatesThe NCA collaborates with our members to address issues that impact confectionery manufacturing and sales. Information such as proposed legislation, interested and active organizations on the ground, and other intelligence is shared with the NCA State Affairs Committee as issues arise. NCA engages in state lobbying and grassroots outreach as determined by the committee.


Some of the issues important to confections that may be active at the state level include:

  • Proposed candy taxes
  • Labeling proposals related to genetically modified organisms, caffeine, etc.
  • Vending/sales restrictions
  • Ingredient restrictions
  • Fundraising restrictions


NCA is dedicated to building strong state coalitions in key confectionery states. Aside from states with a large confectionery presence, NCA works on coalition-building around confectionery issues as they arise. NCA has formed or joined coalitions to fight candy taxes in Vermont, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Washington and has worked with the food industry on GMO labeling legislation in California, Oregon and Vermont. NCA has also hosted coalition-building events in Illinois, Maryland, Pennsylvania and plans to extend to Ohio and New Jersey.