Aunt Sally’s Praline Shops, Inc.


Aunt Sally’s Praline Shops, Inc. opened its doors in the early 1930s in the French Quarter of New Orleans, La. As second generation New Orleanians of French Creole descent, owners Pierre and Diane Bagur wanted their merchandise to remind visitors of the city’s unique culture, including the unique Creole candies called pralines. The Bagurs developed their own version of New Orleans’s signature candy, and the pralines at Aunt Sally’s Praline Shop are made the same way today.

In addition to making a variety of pralines, Aunt Sally’s has expanded its business to include other products such as coffee, pecans, pickles, glazes, sauces and more. Aunt Sally’s purchases its pecans from a local grower, Bergeron Pecan Company.

Today, the third and fourth generations of the Bagur family who run the operations are dedicated to carrying out Pierre and Diane’s vision. They consider their business to be their home and the heart and soul of what they do. Louisianans consider Aunt Sally’s a cornerstone of the community. Aunt Sally’s sells its products wholesale and around the world for others to enjoy.

Company Details

Location: New Orleans, LA - 2nd District


Founded: 1937

U.S. Employees: 50

Exports to Other Countries: No


Company Products

Aunt Sally's Products
Aunt Sally's is best-known for making pralines, New Orleans's signature candy.