Billie-Ann Plastics


Billie-Ann Plastics Packaging Corporation was founded in 1973 by Bernard Rubinstein. We are located in the Bushwick part of Brooklyn, New York. As it has been since 1973, Billie-Ann Plastics is still family owned and operated. Bill Rubinstein is the second generation owner and president, with the third generation also in the mix.

We are a plastic box and cylinder manufacturer. Our greatest capability increase over the past five years is the ability to high end print directly onto the packaging. With this capability our customers’ options to brand their products are endless.

Billie-Ann Plastics offers both custom and stock packaging to our customers a wide range of options. Those options plus our capabilities and a service oriented model have allowed us to extend our reach domestically and internationally.

Company Details

Location: Brooklyn, NY - District


Founded: 1973

U.S. Employees: 24

Exports to Other Countries: Yes

Bill Rubinstein Billie-Ann
Bill Rubinstein, owner and president

Company Products

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