Brown & Haley


Brown & Haley was founded in Tacoma, Wash., in what began as a friendship between Harry L. Brown and J. C. Haley and ultimately grew into the prosperous candy manufacturing operation it is today. Combining Brown’s chocolate and sugar experimentation with Haley’s sales and advertising experience led to the two working together in 1912 and incorporating their joint business venture in 1914.

In 1923, the company created a crunchy, log-shaped candy filled with butter and coated with chocolate and almonds, dubbed the Almond ROCA® buttercrunch toffee. The popularity of the Almond ROCA® along with its extended shelf life allowed the confection to be shipped to a wide audience. As Brown & Haley’s creation traveled with troops into World War II, Almond ROCA® buttercrunch toffee became “the candy that travels” and can be found in over 63 countries across the globe today.

Brown & Haley’s commitment to quality confections and innovation persists today as it continues to use fresh ingredients and implement novel technologies. The company has remained in its original headquarters, but it has expanded five times since it opened its doors and proudly employees 260 people in Tacoma.

Company Details

Location: Tacoma, WA - 9th District


Founded: 1912

U.S. Employees: 260

Exports to Other Countries: Yes

Pierson E. Clair, III, President and CEO
NCA Board of Trustees

Company Products

Brown & Haley Products
In addition to Almond Roca, Brown & Haley makes Cashew and Macadamia Roca.