Hawaiian Host, Inc.


Hawaiian Host is the maker of Hawai‘i’s original and most famous chocolate covered macadamias. The founder of the company, Mamoru Takitani, first developed the recipe on the Island of Maui. When his chocolate covered masterpieces became a taste sensation, he moved to the Island of O‘ahu, purchased Ellen Dye Candies of Honolulu and renamed the company Hawaiian Host.

Today, Hawaiian Host is the world’s #1 maker of chocolate covered macadamias with candy making facilities in Honolulu, Hawai‘i and Los Angeles, California, and a regional office in Tokyo, Japan. Each year, Hawaiian Host produces over 250 million of these tasty delights and exports its products to over 20 countries around the globe.

While chocolate covered macadamias are Hawaiian Host’s signature product, the company has also developed a diverse line of island confections including Caramacs®, Macadamia Truffles®, MacNut Crunch®, ToffeeMacs®, Sugar Free Macadamia Nut Clusters, and flavored macadamias. In all, Hawaiian Host markets more than 250 unique confectionary items.

Like a box of chocolates meant to be shared, Mamoru Takitani and his wife Aiko, also believed in sharing their business success with Hawai‘i’s children. Since 1993, their Takitani Foundation has annually awarded scholarships to an outstanding student at every high school in Hawai‘i.

In 2015, Hawaiian Host acquired the Mauna Loa brand from The Hershey Company, bringing a local Hawaiian business back to their island roots.  Together, Mauna Loa and Hawaiian Host process macadamia nuts into a delicious melody of flavored nuts and chocolate covered indulgence.

Company Details

    Location: Los Angeles, CA – 43rd District, Honolulu, HI – 29th, 1st - District
  • Website: http://www.hawaiianhost.com
  • Founded: 1927
  • U.S. Employees: 500
  • Exports to Other Countries: Yes

Kieth Sakamoto headshot
Keith Sakamoto, CEO

Company Products

Hawaiian host products
Hawaiian Host products include Original Chocolate Covered Macadamias®, Maui Caramacs®, AlohaMacs®, and Mauna Loa products.