The year 1847 holds a special place in the heart of NECCO, as the progressive thinker Oliver Chase constructed the lozenge cutter, a device which proved to be America’s first candy machine. Chase’s invention not only gave birth to the Wafer that would make our company famous, it also jumpstarted the nation’s entire candy industry.

Progressing forward, Oliver Chase, alongside his brothers Silas and Daniel, the originator of Conversation Hearts, spent the next two decades marketing their confectionery treats across the United States and Canada.
Then in the early 1870s, the Chase brother’s business almost went up in flames—literally. Daniel, who was in charge of the Western business, saw his building destroyed in the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. The following year in Boston, Oliver’s building burnt down as well.

What could have been the end of something big actually gave rise to something even bigger. Daniel left Chicago to return to Boston, teaming up with the confectionery company of Fobes, Hayward and Company. Around the same time, Oliver partnered with local merchant T. Pickering Drown. Thirty years later, in 1901, these two relationships would merge along with a third candy company, Wright & Moody, to form the New England Confectionery Company, commonly known as NECCO.

Since then, NECCO’s candies have been enjoyed the world over, and our acquisitions of brands such as Clark Bar, Mary Jane and Squirrel Nut Zippers have breathed new life into our beloved American company along the way.

Our innovative accomplishments paired with our place as the country’s oldest continuously operating candy company create a history of which we are extremely proud. It is a history we continue to write every day with every piece of delicious candy that comes out of our Revere factory, which sits just a few miles from where Oliver Chase pioneered NECCO and the American candy industry over a century and a half ago.


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Location: Revere, MA - 5th District


Founded: 1901

U.S. Employees: 400

Exports to Other Countries: Yes

Michael McGee, CEO

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