Sahagian & Associates, Inc.


Sahagian & Associates, Inc., was founded in 1971 and is dedicated to bringing quality confections to “sweet teeth” around the world. The company produces of a line of candies sold in unique measured amounts. Its most popular products include A Yard of Bubblegum, A Yard of Licorice, Two Feet of Caramel Corn and A Foot of Licorice.

Sahagian & Associates is located in Oak Park, Ill., and ships its products globally. The company is committed to improving Chicago’s communities through volunteerism and community engagement with organizations such as Rotary International, Oak Park & River Forest Chamber of Commerce and other local philanthropic organizations.

Company Details

Location: Oak Park, IL - 7th District


Founded: 1971

U.S. Employees: 50

Exports to Other Countries: Yes

Linda Sahagian, President and CEO
NCA Board of Trustees

Company Products

Sahagin Products
Sahagian & Associates manufactures products such as A Foot of Licorice, A Foot of Bubblegum, and Licorice Sticks.