Sorbee International, LLC


Sorbee International, LLC, was founded more than 30 years ago in Philadelphia. The company manufactured the first sugar-free lollipops for dentists, doctors and hospitals, and the name Sorbee is now synonymous with sugar-free candies.

Sorbee manufactures a variety of candies under brand names which include Sorbee and EatRite BeFit. The candies include sugar-free chocolates, hard candies, lollipops and licorice, as well as a line of fruit chews. Sorbee also produces traditional sugar-containing confections and is licensed to manufacture Kraft-owned Crystal Light and Country Time Lemonade-flavored hard candies. The company’s products can be found in grocery stores, convenience stores, mass marketers, chain drug stores, club stores, bulk suppliers and online. Sorbee not only supplies major retailers, but its customer base has grown to include thousands of health professionals, clinics and hospitals.

In 2008, Sorbee was acquired by Werther Partners, LLC, a New York-based private equity firm specializing in the acquisition, management and operation of businesses in the food, confection and licensed products spaces. Sorbee is led by Werther Partners CEO Dan Werther.

Company Details

Location: Trevose, PA - 13th District


Founded: 1935

U.S. Employees: 200-500

Exports to Other Countries: No

Officer: Dan Werther, Chief Executive Officer

Company Products

Sorbee Products
Sorbee manufactures products including Country Time Lemonade candies, Crystal Light fruit chews, and Dream bars.