Vigneri Chocolate


Vigneri Chocolate is a third generation, family owned and operated company that was founded 60 years ago, in Sicily, Italy, by Gaetano Vigneri. Through their history, Gaetano passed down recipes and traditions of Vigneri Chocolate to his son, Filippo, who studied and learned from the best Italian pastry chefs at the time. As a result, Filippo transformed his small family business into a bakery that served the entire region.

Filippo took his family to America in 1967 and settled in Rochester, New York, where he started a bakery, similar to that of his father’s bakery in Italy. Through word of mouth his business began to grow and the bakery became a staple of the Rochester community. Soon after, Vigneri expanded into chocolate and developed a chocolate egg, which he sold in the Easter season.

Today, Filippo’s son, Alex Vigneri, serves as the company’s CEO. Alex has grown Vigneri Chocolate into a much larger company, expanding its product offerings to include new and innovative products along with traditional Vigneri confections. Under his leadership, Vigneri Chocolate received the 2014 Most Innovative Product of the Year award at the Sweets & Snacks EXPO for their Doodle Egg.

Vigneri is committed to food safety, using sustainable packaging, green technology and sourcing cocoa products from farmers whose harvesting practices have minimal impact on our rainforests.

The company remains a pillar of support in the Rochester community and work to engage the small business community on issues that will help keep them competitive.

Company Details

Location: Rochester, NY - 25th District


Founded: 1971

U.S. Employees:

Exports to Other Countries: No


Company Products

Vigneri Products
Vigneri Chocolate is known for products such as their Doodle Egg.