Bite Size Lil Roonies Debut


Portland — Bite-size macaroons, dubbed Lil Roonies, are new from Roons LLC and come in original and chocolate espresso varieties featuring Guittard chocolate.

Naturally gluten- and grain-free, the cookies are made using a blend of different coconut shreds to achieve a “just-right balance of texture and sweet,” according to the company. They pack in 4-ounce reclosable bags that have a SRP of $4.99.

“After trying nearly all the gluten-free desserts and snacks on the market, it became my mission to create a macaroon that tasted amazing, had a great shelf life and had a short, pronounceable ingredient list,” says Jenn Topliff, head Roon master. “I spent years developing the recipe, using only the highest-quality ingredients possible to make a well-balanced macaroon that I am proud to launch nationally in 2019.”

The Roons line also includes 1.7-ounce Roons, which are individually wrapped and available in year-round and seasonal flavors include lemon, orange creamsicle, chocolate orange, chocolate decadence, caramel, pumpkin spice and candy cane. Individual Roons retail for $2.99 each.