Ferrara Unveils Improved Butterfinger Bars, Expands Non-Chocolate Range


Chicago — Featuring richer, creamier chocolatey coatings and shorter ingredient lists, Ferrara Candy Co., Inc. is introducing Butterfinger bars with an improved recipe developed in collaboration with the Ferrero Group team. The updated bars will be hitting shelves in early 2019.

“Butterfinger is the largest brand in our portfolio and is an icon in the confections category. With its unique, cravable product offering, it has a right to win in the landscape,” Kristen Mandel, senior director of marketing at Ferrara, tells Candy & Snack TODAY. “We felt that with some attention to product improvement and increased investment the brand could successfully return to a true leadership position in the category.”

In addition to featuring more real milk and removing hydrogenated oils and TBHQ, the company also updated Butterfinger packaging with a higher quality substrate to improve product freshness, Ferrara reports.

Butterfinger is not the only recently acquired Ferrara brand to get a remake, as Mandel reports the Crunch brand will receive increased marketing investments.

“With 80 years of consumer love behind it, Crunch has established a valuable place in the hearts and minds of consumers,” Mandel says. “In the future, the Nestlé moniker will be coming off the Crunch brand and it will remain as Crunch. In addition, we are moving quickly to assess the best way to support additional beloved brands, such as Baby Ruth, 100 Grand and Raisinets.”

SweeTarts Ropes Bites

Updated Butterfinger bars are available in 1.9- and 3.7-ounce packs with SRPs of $1.29 and $1.99, respectively. Butterfinger Bites come in 3.5- and eight-ounce packs with SRPs of $1.99 and $4.79, respectively.

Ferrara is also adding SweeTarts Ropes Bites to its line. Assorted flavor packs hold strawberry, green apple, orange, cherry and blue punch pieces. The bite-size licorice is available in packs ranging from three ounces to eight ounces with a SRP range of $1.99 to $3.99.

SweeTARTS Mini Chewy Berries&Cherries 4oz Share Pack

The company is also adding SweeTarts Mini Chewy Berries & Cherries, which feature raspberry, blackberry, blue berry punch, dark cherry and mixed berry mini chewy candies. The Berries & Cherries line extension comes in 3.75-ounce theater boxes with a SRP of $1.99, four-ounce share packs with a SRP of $1.99 and 12-ounce packs with a SRP of $3.99.

Black Forest Juicy Bears

Black Forest Juicy Bears feature centers made with real fruit juicy and demonstrate Ferrara’s proprietary ability to insert liquid into a gummi, according to the candymaker. Featuring flavor combinations of strawberry/lemon, watermelon/lime, cherry/melon and mango/plum, the gummies come in four-ounce peg bags with a SRP range of 99 cents to $1.09 and 7.5-ounce bags with a SRP range of $1.60 to $1.99.