Hammond’s Entering Cookies, Chewy Candy Sectors


Denver — Hammond’s Brands is getting into the chewy candy and cookie markets with the introduction of Australian-style licorices, Sour Bites and bite-size tea cookies in four everyday varieties.

Additionally, Coconut Cream Pie and Sodapop! chocolate bars have also been added to the candymaker’s line.

Traditional black and Red Bites comprise the company’s new licorice offerings, while Sour Bites are available in green apple and blue raspberry. The chewy candies come in seven-ounce bags, shipping eight per case, and have a SRP of $5.95.

“The licorice and sour bites gave us another great opportunity to enter a new category,” says Andrew Whisler, Hammond’s executive vice-president of marketing and business development. “We know that our customers have been craving licorice, and the sour bites are already getting rave reviews.”

Bite-size tea cookies come in lemon raspberry, salted caramel, peanut butter chocolate chip and chocolate chip varieties, and a chocolate peppermint version will also be added for the 2019 holidays, according to Hammond’s. Coming in five-ounce boxes with a SRP of $5.99, they ship eight per case.

Hammonds NewChocolateBars 2019

“We’re especially eager to enter the cookie category, providing consumers with even more high-quality everyday treats. From classic chocolate chip to delicious salted caramel, there is a flavor to satisfy every sweet tooth,” Whisler adds.

Coconut Cream Pie bars featur milk chocolate, coconut flakes and creamy ganache, while Sodapop! bars have a cola-flavored milk chocolate and fizzy popping candy inclusions. The 2.25-ounce bars come in 12-ct displays and have a SRP of $2.99.