Hitschie’s Chewy Candies Available From European Food Import


New York — European Food Import LLC is debuting Hitschie‘s brand Snap Chews, Sour Chews and Soft Chews.

Snap chews feature a thin crunchy shell with a chewy fruity inside. They are offered in two assortments: Original XL – cherry, lemon, strawberry, apple and raspberry; and Tropical Mix – passion fruit, pineapple, melon and lime. Available 5.3-, 4.4- and 2.6-ounce bags, shipping in 16-, 20- and 20-ct cases, respectively.

Sour chews combine a sour shell with a fruit-flavored chewy center. Sour fruit mix is an assortment of lemon, strawberry, apple and peach flavors. The product is also offered in single-flavor packs in lemon, strawberry and apple. The product packs in 4.4- and 2.6-ounce bags. The 4.4-ounce bags ship in 16-ct cases.

Hitschie’s Soft Chews have no artificial coloring and contain 10 percent fruit juice. Each piece is individually twist wrapped and available in bags of assorted cherry, lemon, strawberry, apple, raspberry and pineapple. They pack in 6.2- and 10-ounce bags shipping in 14- and 11-ct cases, respectively.

Items in the line carry a SRP range of $1.79 to $4.99, and are non-GMO and made with fruit juice, according to the company.