Simply Sunrise Brand Is Naturally Flavored, Colored


Mountain Franklin Foods LLC Simply Sunrise brand gummies, jellies and hard candies are made with natural plant-based colors and natural flavors. Reclosable standup pouches with weights ranging from 6.25 to nine ounces hold gummi bears and worms, sour neon worms, assorted jelly beans, fruit slices, orange slices, peach rings and peppermint mints.

The products all have a SRP of $1.99 and ship eight per case. The company also offers 32-ct shippers with eight packs of each of the following items: 7.5-ounce gummi bears; 6.25-ounce sour neon worms; 9.5-ounce orange slices; and 7.75-ounce peppermint starlights.

The company also offers Softer Than Brittle soft flaky gourmet nut brittle, hand-crafted with no preservatives, cholesterol, dairy and trans fats, in 5.5- to six-ounce standup reclosable pouches. The vegan brittle comes in peanut, cashew, pecan and almond varieties. Packs have a SRP of $3.99 and ship six per case and in 48- and 64-ct combo shippers.