Three Snack Nut Varieties Debut From Pear’s Gourmet Brand


4inch Pears 8ozSnackNuts CDTP FSalted Caramel Churro Flavored Almonds, Sugar Cookie Confetti Cashews and Cocoa Dusted Truffle Peanuts are being introduced under the Pear’s Gourmet Brands from Marathon Ventures, Inc.

The peanut item features natural cocoa and is kosher dairy, and gluten and cholesterol free, according to the company. Coming in seven-ounce reclosable bags, they have a SRP of $2.99.

4inch Pears 8ozSnackNuts SCCA FThe new almond product, which mimes the flavor of the fried dough and cinnamon snack, is also gluten and cholesterol free, and comes in seven-ounce packs with a SRP of $5.99, Marathon Ventures reports.

Featuring “glittery goodness,” the sugar cookie cashews are cholesterol free and a good source of magnesium, according to the company. They pack in seven-ounce bags and have a SRP of $5.99.

All three new snack nut varieties ship in six-ct cases. Additionally, 10-ct shelf-ready displays are also available.