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Candy is one of life’s little pleasures and it can even help to promote a sense of well-being. But it is best enjoyed in moderation and as part of a happy, balanced lifestyle. We should all treat ourselves right by focusing first on nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins, and balance calories with regular activity. That’s how to make room in your diet for the sweeter things in life and to enjoy candy in moderation – ideally in portions of 50 to 100 calories a day.


Valentine’s Day

Boxes of chocolate, conversation hearts and cinnamon candies. There’s a lot to love about Valentine’s Day. In fact, 83 percent of Americans share candy and chocolate with friends, family or that special someone for the holiday.

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When spring has sprung, it’s time for a visit from the Easter Bunny. A blend of religious and secular observations make Easter one of the sweetest celebrations for candy lovers.

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Halloween is one of the sweetest holidays in the U.S. While the holiday was historically celebrated by Celtic tribes in pre-Christian times, the tradition of dressing in disguises and celebrating with food and drink endures to this day.

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Winter Holidays

From Thanksgiving all the way through New Year’s Day, candy plays a special role in celebrating the holidays that fall late on the calendar.

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The Story of Chocolate

Your chocolate has a history.

The treat that now lies quietly in its wrapper carries a story of exotic places, long journeys and small families that raise delicate tropical fruit trees.

As you peel back the wrapper, you’re uncovering the cacao tree’s seed—and joining people the world over who have turned to this mysterious food for ritual, medicine and sheer pleasure for the past 4,000 years.

How do the beans in chocolate farmers’ hands become decadent sweets in yours? Let’s explore how chocolate is made…the story of chocolate.

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Chocolate and candy accounts for about 40 calories a day in the average American diet

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