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Spring has sprung – and that means it’s time for a visit from the Easter Bunny. A blend of religious and secular observations make Easter one of the sweetest celebrations for candy lovers.

The most well-known symbol associated with Easter, dating to the 17th century, is the Easter Bunny. Learn more about the Easter Bunny and other symbols and traditions of the holiday.

Today about 87 of American parents say Easter baskets are a household tradition. Eighty percent of the total U.S. population shares Easter candy with friends, family or colleagues some or most years.

Since there are so many goodies being handed out on Easter Sunday, it’s a good time to keep balance in mind.
chocolate and gold easter egg

The most popular items included in an Easter basket are:

  • Easter chocolate and candy – 92%
  • Non-edible items such as crayons, stuffed animals, books, markers, movie passes, etc. (61%)

An Egg-ceptionally Sweet History

The most well-known symbol associated with Easter is the Easter Bunny. The seasonal hare was introduced to America in the 18th century by German immigrants, though the existence of the “Osterhase” dates back to the 17th century. We can also thank the Germans for the edible Easter egg which was first made of sugar and pastry in the 19th century.

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