Sweet Easter Insights


Counting down the days until you can buy a Reese’s egg or Peeps? You’re not alone:

  • 72% of Americans are influenced by seasonal classics or popular choices in their Easter candy purchases

A household tradition:

  • 77% of Americans buy or create an Easter basket for their children, 79 percent of American dye Easter eggs and 71 percent hunt for real or candy-filled egg .

The Easter Bunny must have a sweet tooth. The most popular items included in an Easter basket are:

  • Easter candy/chocolate (89%)
  • Non-edible items such as crayons, stuffed animals, books, markers, movie passes, etc. (79%)
  • Candy with added benefits like dark chocolate or chocolate with added fruits and nuts (46%)
  • Snacks, such as granola bars or dried fruit (44%)
  • Gum and mints (35%)

Mix it Up

  • 54 percent of Americans believe that plastic Easter eggs should be filled with a mix of candy, coins and small toys. However, 33 percent of people are purists who think candy is the only choice when it comes to egg filling.

Easter chocolate in a pail

A Shout Out to My Peeps

  • 55 percent of American love those marshmallow chicks fresh (42%), stale (10%) or frozen (3%), while less than half pass on them altogether.

It’s the age-old question: which came first, the Easter bunny or the Easter egg?

  • 52.4% of Americans say the Easter bunny came first
    Editor’s Note: They’re right! The first reference to the Easter Bunny [known as the “Osterhase”] dates back to the 17th century, while Easter eggs weren’t popularized until the 19th century.)

There’s no wrong way to eat a bunny (though ear’s first is typical):

  • Ears first: 88.7%
  • Feet first: 6.6%
  • Tail first: 4.7%

Solid or Hollow?

  • 52 percent of Americans prefer filled chocolate bunnies and eggs (cream, chocolate or caramel, for example), 32 percent of folks like solid bunnies and 16 percent prefer hollow chocolate bunnies.

All about the brands:

  • Brand names are important, as they influence 71 percent of Americans’ candy purchases.

Pastels look good on you:

  • When buying seasonal candy/chocolate, nearly 65 percent of us believe it should feature seasonal packaging and colors, such as pastels for Easter.