Sweet Easter Insights



Americans are celebrating Easter by…

  • Easter chocolate in a pail2/3 of American parents will make Easter baskets.
  • More than ½ of Americans say that chocolate bunnies/eggs are their favorite Easter treat, while 17% prefer jelly beans.
  • Millennials are more likely than any other age group to be influenced by seasonal classics like chocolate eggs and bunnies.

90% of Americans will share chocolate & candy this Easter.

  • chocolate eggs/bunnies – 55%
  • candy-coated eggs – 15%
  • jelly beans – 17%
  • Marshmallow candy – 9%
  • Other – 4%.

Parents are saying…

  • 95% of parents agree that it’s ok to enjoy seasonal chocolate & candy around holidays like Easter.
  • 85% of parents say that individual packs and fun size packages will influence the Easter treats they purchase.
  • 90% of parents discuss the importance of balance as it relates to the fun and enjoyment of chocolate & candy around holidays like Easter.
  • 88% of parents take responsibility to ensure that their children’s treat intake on Easter fits into a happy, balanced lifestyle.


Survey Methodology
NCA’s Seasonal Survey was conducted in January 2018 by 210 Analytics, LLC using a self-administered, online questionnaire. The sample of 1,500 individuals mirrors the U.S. population in terms of key demographics, including age, income, ethnicity and region. The margin of error is +2.5%.