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Whether you receive a beautifully-wrapped box of chocolates from a loved one or you plan to pass out boxes of conversation hearts to everyone you know, Valentine’s Day is a good time to keep balance in mind.

Valentines chocolates

Did you know?

  • Today about 83 percent of Americans are likely to share candy or chocolate with friends, family or that special someone at Valentine’s Day.
  • Chocolate sales represent 75 percent or more of Valentine’s Day candy purchases.

How Do I Love Thee?
History and legends of Valentine’s Day

Despite the fact that Saint Valentine was executed for uniting forbidden lovers – and possibly himself fell in the love with the daughter of his jailor (kicking off the whole notion of someone being your “valentine”) – the romantic connotation of Valentine’s Day didn’t emerge until the Middle Ages. By the 18th century in England, February 14 had become a day when people expressed their love for one another by exchanging gifts.

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