80 Percent Of Americans Will Gift Chocolate, Candy For Valentine’s Day


Washington DC — A full 80 percent of Americans plan to share chocolate and candy with friends, family and loved ones during the Valentine’s Day holiday, according to a NCA survey.

“We know that most Americans enjoy chocolate and candy two to three times per week, including at special candy moments like Valentine’s Day,” says John Downs, president and CEO of the Association. “The gift-giving tradition spans generations and is a highlight of the holiday. But we know people are also interested in understanding how they can make informed choices about the treats they enjoy at the holiday, and throughout the year.”

To help consumers looking for more information about the treats they are eating, NCA has a new digital hub with a focus on balance and mindful treating called Valentine’s Day Central. The resources found on Valentine’s Day Central, the Association reports, include tools to reinforce the unique role that chocolate and candy can play around the holiday.

“We are so proud of our industry’s efforts to support consumers as they enjoy their favorite treats,” Downs points out. “We work hard to ensure that everyone can feel good about sharing chocolate and candy with the special people in their lives, helping to make Valentine’s Day a fun holiday for all.”

To help keep balance in mind seasonally and throughout the year, the Association notes that America’s leading chocolate and candy companies are working alongside the Partnership for a Healthier America to provide consumers with more information, options and support as they enjoy their favorite treats. C&ST