Baker Perkins Reveals Low-Output, Starch-Free Depositors

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Peterborough, UK — Developed for small-batch production and artisan confectioners, Baker Perkins, Inc. is debuting low-output, starch-free depositor systems based on the same process and control technology found in the supplier’s high-output ServoForm starch-free depositors.

The system has a typical output of 60 kg/h and pieces range in weight from 2 grams to 16 grams, according to the supplier. The depositors are suitable for production of sugar and sugarfree jellies and gummies, hard candy, lollipops, toffees, caramels and 3D products featuring one or two colors and filled centers.

Moulds for the system are available in metal or silicone, offering better end product quality when compared with traditional starch moulds, the supplier reports. For example, metal moulds offer superior cooling, impart better surface finishes and can hold more intricate shapes.

The small-batch depositor integrates seamlessly with Baker Perkins Turbofilm continuous cooker, which can be used with gelatin, carrageenan and pectin-based gummies as well as hard candy.