Barry Callebaut Sourcing 51% Of Ingredients From Sustainable Sources

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Zurich, Switzerland — Barry Callebaut AG is now sourcing more than 50 percent of its ingredients for sustainable sources, the supplier reports. During the past fiscal year, 47 percent of the company’s cocoa and 54 percent of its other ingredients used were sustainable as part of its Forever Chocolate program.

Pablo Perversi, chief innovation, sustainability and quality officer and global head of gourmet, for Barry Callebaut, says: “In the past fiscal year we focused on big innovative projects that we know will create the tipping point for a sustainable chocolate supply chain. Our progress report shows that this focus is working, creating tangible impact on the ground for cocoa farmers, cocoa farming communities and all the other players in our supply chain.”

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During the past year the company also made headway in mapping cocoa farms it sources from, with more than 176,000 being charted and entered into a database, which provides insights on locations, size, and socio-economic and household data. The information is used to tailor advice at the individual farm level, according to the company.

On the child labor front, Barry Callebaut has established monitoring and remediation systems in its direct cocoa supply chain that now cover 42 farmer groups, including more than 16,000 growers in Ivory Coast and Ghana.

The supplier also made headway in reducing its carbon footprint, which fell from 9.10 million tonnes to 8.49 million tonnes during the past fiscal year. This represents a 6.7 percent decrease, the company reports. The main drivers of the reduction were changes to land use, decreases in CO2e intensity in factories and less CO2e intensity from dairy production.

“With over half of our ingredients coming from sustainable sources, we are well on track to have 100 percent sustainable chocolate by 2025,” says Barry Callebaut Group CEO Antoine de Saint-Affrique. “This is a great achievement and it demonstrates that sustainability is at the heart of our business strategy.”