Bartek Increases Malic Acid Production Capacity By 4K Tons Annually

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Stoney Creek, Ontario — Bartek Ingredients Inc. has completed an expansion program at its Canadian malic acid facility that will add 4,000 tons a year to the production of the ingredient used to impart tartness in sour candy, the supplier reports. Bartek claims to be the world’s largest producer of malic and fumaric acids.

“Since TorQuest Partners’ acquisition of Bartek in October of 2018, we’ve executed several significant capital projects to expand our capacity and improve efficiency,” CEO John Burrows says. “Chief among these is an initiative to further increase malic and fumaric acid capacity by an additional 5,000 tons/year in 2019.”

The investment is the first in a series Bartek is making to grow its acidulants business, according to the company. Additional projects on the slate for 2019 include upgrades to the supplier’s labs and offices.

“Bartek’s presence will grow substantially in 2019 with the introduction of new products and packages to meet market demands, and we will continue to add value for our customers through a series of planned initiatives,” Bartek’s Vice-President of Sales Dave Tapajna says. “With the addition of resources in sales and marketing, we will also increase Bartek’s presence at industry events and trade shows.”